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Girona tours - Girona Airport to Riudellots de la Selva - free, unguided walk

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Classic modern semi-rural Levantine Spain: Eastern European prostitution, rampant ugly urbanism, bad drains, one decent bar, sporadic public transport.


There are several routes from the airport to Riudellots train station. The default goes through the village:

  1. Get through the carparks, and you'll reach a small roundabout.
  2. Leave the airport on the main exit road, passing Hotel Vilobi Park on your right. Continuing SE, cross another roundabout (bee shed on right), cross under the AP7 motorway, pass the hotel Aeroport Girona and brothel on your right, and you'll get to a large roundabout.
  3. Cross it circulating clockwise and continue SE on the failed bike-path on the left of the main road towards Riudellots.
  4. Cross under the A2 motorway, and instead of heading straight on (ENE) to Riudellots, head north along the road parallel to the motorway slip road.
  5. After 100m, turn right (E) down a sand track with a small agricultural dwelling and outhouse on your left.
  6. After about 200m, in pine forest, you are liable to meet a Romanian mafia whoremonger in a blacked-out vehicle. His prostitute will be waiting under an umbrella on the road to Riudellots, down the track to the right.
  7. Say, "Du-te dracului, proxenet," and carry on, running as fast as you can. After about 100m a red house will hove into view on the left, but they're not going to upset their neighbours, so keep running until you get to the main road.
  8. Turn left along it towards Riudellots (ENE) and walk with extreme caution along the LH side and then along the path on the RH side.
  9. After about 200m, where three small roads join the main road, take the second right, which heads ESE towards the village alongside a heavily polluted drain.
  10. With the monstrous new council building - peasant James Bond villain - away to the left, enter the village along the same road, passing between some 18th/19th century housing.
  11. In a minute or so, you will arrive at the unexciting village square and church to the right (check, however, the grotesques on the façade), and an unexciting (coffee) bar on the left.
  12. If you've got time to burn, take a right through the square to check the stream and allotments.
  13. Otherwise carry along the same street, which, as it leaves the village, becomes a gravel track. This takes you parallel to a fetid stream through fields until, with an industrial complex on your left, you hit the railway. Turn left along it and you'll get to Riudellots station. For travel connections to Barcelona / Girona you'll probably find the German railways' site easier than the Spanish. Trains are roughly once every two hours in both directions and the journey to Barcelona is roughly 85 minutes. There's no ticket machine, but the inspector on the train will sell you one. If he doesn't show and you get off at Passeig de Gràcia, your journey is free.
  14. If you have to wait, on your left you will find an excellent bar, which does well-priced menus during the week but unfortunately closes at weekends and at the end of the working day.

I may describe the other route some other time. No Romanians, but you may get bitten by a dog.

As noted in the intro, this is probably better categorised as anti-tourism. How does Riudellots council justify its magnificent new palace and presumably generous salaries when law enforcement, decent sanitation, and other public services are so conspicuously lacking? Don't all say "Spain is different" at once!


Grade leisurely
Base Girona (Meeting point information here, where relevant - make sure you have the right one!)
Location tags Catalonia, Girona, Riudellots de la Selva,
Theme tags airport, free, gastronomy, history, nature,
Your guide(s) Self-guided
Walking distance 5.5 km / 3.42 miles
Walking time 1.1 hr
Total return travel time from base to walk
Total time from "hello" to "goodbye" 1.27 hr
Fiestas and markets in places we go through - combine a walk and some partying or shopping!
  • fiesta mayor (last weekend of September)

Note that there are also events in most places on January 6 (Three Kings), Carnival, Easter, April 23 (St George), June 23 (St John), and September 11 (Catalan regional/national day)


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These free walk instructions have not been properly checked and are offered without guarantees of any kind. Generally it's smarter to try to walk from rather than to the airport first, or there's a distinct possibility you may end up running across muddy fields as your flight disappears through the clouds. On the other hand, at least you'll know the way to the nearest pub.


If you've got an airport route of your own that you'd like to share, please do get in touch.

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