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Girona walking tours

Below you'll find all pages in this category, but you may find the following sub-page(s), the walk browser, and the walk search page useful in refining your search:

Girona in 4 uur zonder je een domme toerist te voelenGirona in 4 hours without feeling like a stupid tourist

Total duration 4.00 hours
Walking distance4 km / 2.49 miles
Walking gradeeasy
Place tagsGerona, Girona, Gironès, Gérone,
Themesarchaeology, architecture, art, gastronomy, history,

“Whoever speaks of a capitulation or surrender shall be instantly put to death”: the Third Siege of Gerona

Total duration 4.60 hours
Walking distance8 km / 4.97 miles
Walking gradeleisurely
Place tagsFort Roig, Gerona, Gerone, Girona, Monjuich, Montjuïc,
FiestasMay, December
Themesarchitecture, history, military,

Coastal villages, medieval churches and coastal defences, natural park

Total duration 6.10 hours
Walking distance16 km / 9.94 miles
Walking grademoderate
Place tagsAlt Empordà, Alto Ampurdán, Cap de Creus, Catalonia, Costa Brava,
Themesarchitecture, history, nature,

Collioure hills

Total duration 10.15 hours
Walking distance18 km / 11.18 miles
Walking grademoderate
Place tagsCatalonia, Côte Vermeille, Roussillon,
Themesarchitecture, art, history, nature,

Collioure to Banyuls

Total duration 9.29 hours
Walking distance13 km / 8.08 miles
Walking grademoderate
Place tagsBanyuls, Catalonia, Collioure, Cí´te Vermeille, France, Roussillon,
Themesarchitecture, art, history, nature,

Girona Airport to Riudellots de la Selva

Total duration 1.27 hours
Walking distance5.5 km / 3.42 miles
Walking gradeleisurely
Place tagsCatalonia, Girona, Riudellots de la Selva,
Themesairport, free, gastronomy, history, nature,

Sanctuary of the Angels

Total duration 5.18 hours
Walking distance18 km / 11.18 miles
Walking grademoderate
Place tagsCatalonia, Gavarres, Gerona,
Themeshistory, nature,

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