The baldie is fled, long live the baldie!

The business (basically a CRM database) passed into better hands in 2012. These materials remain here for cannibalisation and amusement.

The baldie meanwhile has found pastures new: as a singing organ-grinder for your event in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands or Spain! Town and country walking and study tours in Barcelona and the Western Med
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  • Why FollowTheBaldie?
    • Language All our guides are native English speakers and speak the local language fluently.
    • Knowledge Our local and subject knowledge is profound and up-to-date.
    • Interactivity See someone interesting? We'll interpret. Tired/full of energy? We can adapt the programme.
    • Individuality We don't do herd tourism. No silly flags. No headsets.
    • Responsibility Unlike most "green" tour businesses, we only use public transport--cheaper and generally more interesting.


These people said what they thought:

  • Rough Guide to Barcelona: Follow erudite, self-professed baldie tour guide and longtime Barcelona resident, Mr Baldie, on walks around anarchist Barcelona or over the hills to Tibidabo, tracking tarantulas near Sitges, or staggering from bar to bar in rural Catalunya. These are not your normal tours, as a perusal of the website soon shows.
  • "Highly recommended" - IberiaNature, Spain's leading English-language nature site
  • Señorita Charlotte, Barcelona/Amsterdam: Mr Baldie is THE man to take you along and have you experience all the ins & outs of real Catalan (country) life.
  • RR, Chicago: We walked for miles. We had time to pick rosemary and hold it to our noses. We drank beer and shared Spanish dishes of vegetables, beans, and potatoes at a little oasis midway through our hike. We exchanged greetings with everyone we crossed: a group of old men walking downhill on an afternoon walk, an old white-haired woman carrying logs back to her house, a short, short man wearing 5-inch soled heels standing against a ledge with his bitty puppy. It seemed that the higher we went and the closer we came to our destination, the slower and stranger everything became. The glowing hills, the boundless sea, the distant mountains, and the panoramic view of Barcelona surrounded us. It's strange that the city looks like this, I wondered aloud. When you're in there, the Gothic buildings stand tall on all sides, old and rude and strong. You're little. From here, I cup the whole city - its buildings, street performers, pedestrians, bakeries, gypsies, lovers, square white houses, glasses of wine - in the palms of my hands. Mr Baldie said, "It's like looking in the mirror. We're always inside ourselves. And then the mirror shows us this exterior and it's like, whoa! Who's that?"
  • Anne Psaila: baldie made our holiday - especially enjoyed the trek up the mountain to Tibidabo -clever, unassuming guy you can’t help liking. strongly recommended!
  • Frommer’s guide: Another quirky local outfit is Follow the Baldie (tel. 61-703-99-56;, which offers 1-day, low-impact night and day hikes around lesser-known pockets of Catalonia. Groups are small, the incredibly informed "baldie" speaks both English and Dutch, and most excursions include at least one visit to a local bar, a deserted castle, and lots and lots of local color.
  • betty uk: was led on a most wonderful and wild flower ridden walk over a sunbaked catalan mountain, with hidden castles and monasterys and spectacular views along the way.Highly recommended to plant lovers, energetic sun seekers, and lovers of ancient monuments alike.
    (This is the walk she liked.)
  • Fascinating! Never before have I seen such an ugly man sit down and, for his lunch, eat two pounds of boiled potatoes and a red pepper.
    David R
  • (I found this one here. If you are Bob and you are reading this, please get in touch - I can’t figure out how to reach you.)The standard plan seems to be to take a train out to the middle of nowhere, walk up a tarantula-infested mountain, drink wine and eat cheese and sausages in a very dirty bar behind a barn, walk through a forest on the other side, drink some beer with very old men in a village and then take a train back. He’s clearly mad, but he knows his stuff.
    Bob Nicholson, Houston

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