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Beyond spacetime

Dimension inflation in Girona, Spain.

Posted by admin on Monday May 28th 2012. Comment now

All photos © Mr Baldie. More.

I absolutely love the surviving space-age 3D shows in Italian theme parks; scratch and sniff was never given the chance it deserved; and now a new generation of attractions suggest that the old dream of escape from Pointland may be obtainable in exchange for a couple of euros. Unfortunately the show pictured above was closed, but a Turkish vendor gives a hint at the post-Deutschian freakiverse I may have missed:

6D Cinema!
6D Cinema ; we are talking about a cinema system,are created with effects, like wind-snow-rain-fog-smoke and moving a program, synchronize the on-screen film, in order to provide a virtual reality. This is exciting to feel more realistic and more convincing movement...

The something that makes you feelings ,is 6 axis robot mechanism. Action system is 6 degrees permissiveness, in imaginary reality system, subject that measured by the sensor and the short name of turning entries. It is a system that includes typical Cartesian (x,y,z) and spatial coordinates, in addition turning to the right vertical and horizontal. It has carrying capacity up to 800 kg. and full 6 D:O:F system.

What's New
Up to now, DUAL 3D PROJECTOR which produced the most advanced, had high precision throughthe projector to show 24 frames per second .In order to ensure 3D effects, the twin lenses of the projector is carefully set for left and right images to reflect on the big screen. Polarizing filters in front of the projector is matched with polarize glasses which audience wear. Double projection provides the film which played as a right and left eyes Polarize Filter Glasses in our eyes , and projected image to Silver Screen which previewing excellent in 3D.

In this cinema system, everything in 5 minitues is running out. This system in your cinema which people spend their free times for entertainment, provides you a serious interest and prestige. Customers will experience the excitemenet with just 5 TL. ,and in 9 people halls , 60 people can live this excitement in an hour.

And here's a pirated Brazilian 6D show, with "Imagem 3D, som Dolbby 7.2, Poltronnas Robotizadas... Cheiro, Efeitos de luz e Sensação de água... MUITO FRACO!", but regrettably without the Turks' retro-Ottomania "6 degrees permissiveness" (or is this some filthy anthropologist with a perverted kinship show?):

If only we Europeans could trade in all our extra dimensions for a steady income stream, like Old Farmer Brown:

James Brown Messing with the blues by trebots on Grooveshark

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