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Travelling to Bournemouth Airport from Southampton? Go via Christchurch and walk if you can

Chart compares prices for shuttle vs taxi vs taxi to airport gate vs walking for a journey from Eastleigh to Bournemouth Airport.

Posted by admin on Saturday July 9th 2011. Comment now

St Catherine's Hill, Christchurch, on the walking route. CC Mike Smith. More.

A sizeable proportion of Bournemouth airport's traffic comes from the Southampton conurbation, and a sizeable proportion of them make the costly mistake of travelling to Bournemouth by train and taking the shuttle or a taxi. In fact, Christchurch is always quicker (the Bournemouth shuttle leaves on the hour, which is when 1/3 fast trains arrive - duh) and almost always cheaper. The ice cream and scenery is also far superior. Here's the chart (BM = Bournemouth, CC = Christchurch, "CC taxi Hurn": ask for village stores buy a sarnie and walk the last couple of hundred metres):

So, unless you're single and non-ambulant, give Bournemouth a miss and travel via Christchurch.

If you fancy a walk, check out the page on walking to Bournemouth Airport from Christchurch for details on how to save most while enjoying a brief tour of Christchurch's northern fringe.

The data:


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