15 de November de 1926 - El golpe de Macià, financiado y traicionado por Ricciotti Garibaldi, un agente de Mussolini (345)

Plot, pounce

The vivid staccato name of Garibaldi is synonymous with revolution and romance. Last week it seemed that a new Garibaldi, a grandson of the Liberator, had arisen to wade in glory. He is Colonel Ricciotti Garibaldi, Italian World War hero, officer of the Legion of Honor. For some months he has resided at Paris, the swashbuckling idol of expatriate Italian and Spanish anti-Fascists. Last week he put in the field 400 armed companions disguised as mountaineers who assembled in Southern France and attempted to march in force across the Spanish border.

Midnight March

The field commander for Colonel Garibaldi was that famed Catalonian patriot, Colonel Francisco Macia. For years he has striven to foment a revolution which should set his native Catalonia free from the dominance of Madrid. Last week he rode at midnight toward the Spanish frontier with a glad heart. Were not the invading 400 patriots equipped with rifles, machine guns, a medical corp, and even a strong box heavy with newly designed and minted Catalan money? All was prepared….

Suddenly operatives of the French Secret Police, re-enforced by French infantry, pounced—arrested Colonels Garibaldi and Macia and most of their supporters.


Following these wholesale arrests, the fruit of a year and more of sleuthing by the French police, the Spanish Government expressed its gratitude and its relief at this nipping of the plot upon French soil.

The French police, calmly industrious, continued to investigate. They discovered documents which appeared to brand Colonel Garibaldi as an agent provocateur employed by the Italian Secret Service. His role has been to pose as an anti-Fascist and thus keep his employers informed of what plots were going forward among the Italian and Spanish foes of Dictators Benito Mussolini and Primo de Rivera.

Allegedly the Spanish Government, warned by II Duce, held troops in readiness to pounce upon the invading army of Colonel Garibaldi and Colonel Macia last week, if it had ever crossed the frontier. In that event the «invaders» would have been shot, instead of reposing as they now do safe in French jails.

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