14 de October de 1987 - Bomba nacionalista-socialista en el Consulado General de EEUU (140)

A bomb exploded in a building housing the American Consulate General, causing extensive damage and injuring eight people, none seriously. The bomb, which was inside a shopping bag, was placed on a stairwell outside the back entrance of the Consulate General, which occupies the fourth floor of an eight-story building. Of the eight people injured, two were Foreign Service nationals (FSNs) of the Consulate General. The bomb, which contained at least 5 kilos of explosive, caused extensive structural damage to the third and fourth floor stairwells of the building. Though the back and front doors of the Consulate General were destroyed, the interior did not suffer any damage. Two Catalan separatist groups, Terra LLiure (Free Land) and the Red Army for the Liberation of Catalonia (ERCA) claimed credit for the attack. It is believed that ERCA was responsible for the attack.

United States Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security (1987). Significant incidents of political violence against Americans: 1987. Derby, PA: DIANE Publishing.

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