13 de May de 1987 - Atentado contra la oficina de General Electric (117)

At 12.53 a.m., a bomb exploded outside the office of General Electric. The office is situated in an area of the city which contains the offices of a number of multinational corporations. According to eyewitnesses, a man in a beige Renault was observed getting out of the car and placing a package in the entrance way of the building. The bomb (which contained no shrapnel) caused extensive damage to the first and second floors of the building. A previously unknown group called the Red Army for the Liberation of Catalonia (ERCA) claimed credit for the attack. Very little is known about the ERCA, and it is believed that the group consists of hard-line Marxist elements.

United States Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security (1987). Significant incidents of political violence against Americans: 1987. Derby, PA: DIANE Publishing.

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