14 de September de 1936 - Comer con el POUM (110 + 10)

When we enrolled in the P.O.U.M. militia in September, 1936, the Supply Committee fed us. We lived gratis at the P.O.U.M.-confiscated Hotel Falcón … Every day trucks brought huge rounds of bread to the manager’s office, to be stacked next to 100-kilo bags of potatoes and big wicker-covered bottles of Catalan red wine. The P.O.U.M. gave free meals to the wives and children of its militiamen at the front, to militia on leave in Barcelona, and those who worked in the rear as we did. The food was plain but good, soup, a stew or meat dish, salad, bread, and wine.

, The anarchist millenium: memories of the Spanish revolution, 1936-37 (?). Read on

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