19 de July de 1936 - Cuentos de los refugiados (200)

Refugees and their stories – Apr 24, 1939
Although wintry skies and a biting wind surrounded Melbourne in a greyness far from cheering, at least a few passengers on board the Melbourne Star, which arrived yesterday, saw it as a golden city, where freedom and peace awaited them. Despite its greyness, there were no sounds of guns and bombs or screaming revolutionary crowds, such as Mr. and Mrs. W. Tombleson had experienced in Barcelona, and which ultimately meant their leaving the country…
Petite and dark, Mrs. Tombleson made an attractive figure in navy slacks and a white brushed wool jumper, with matching ski hood, and until mobs and guns did their work she was the housekeeper of an attractive flat in Barcelona. Her husband was attached to the offices of an English firm, and also taught English. She told a graphic story yesterday of the rising in Barcelona. Few realised, she said, what had happened, and she herself did not know until men rushed into her flat and pushed their way to the windows armed with guns. It was then she became conscious of the mobs in the street, and the burning of the beautiful old church which stood opposite their home.

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Almanaque creado por El Organillero-Cantante, antiguamente de Barcelona
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