12 de May de 1930 - Una redada policial impide la venta de obras infantiles de Picasso (118)

However inane they may be, the youthful scrawls of a famed artist can usually be sold for big prices. Sincere artists usually object to this mercenary process. Recently Pablo Picasso was astonished to observe on the walls of Paris dealers some 400 of his works, most of which had been executed before the age of puberty. Excited dilettantes were lauding even the most execrable of the daubs. Revolted, Artist Picasso charged last week that the material had been obtained from his mother in Barcelona under false pretenses, filed a complaint charging fraud against persons unnamed, caused the Galeries Georges Bernheim and the Galeries Zak to be invaded by gendarmes who removed the offensive juvenilia. [TIME dated 1930/05/19. Actual date uncertain]

TIME Magazine

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  • Barcelona (1604)
  • Pablo Picasso (3) Pablo Ruiz Picasso (Málaga, 25 de octubre de 1881-Mougins, 8 de abril de 1973) fue un pintor y escultor español, creador, junto con Georges Braque, del cubismo.
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