4 de August de 1909 - La Semana Trágica no deja huella (241)

Even in Barcelona People Have Apparently Forgotten Revolt.

LONDON, Aug. 4. — The Daily Telegraph’s special correspondent, who has just arrived in Barcelona, sends to his paper a dispatch giving a curious picture of the indifference or ignorance the Spanish people evinced throughout his journey from the frontier, even in Madrid, to the events in Barcelona.

«The tranquillity and gayety of the populace of Madrid,» the correspondent says, «seems to me incongruous and absurd. Barcelona is not loved much in the rest of Spain, and the old deep hatred between Catalonia and Madrid is aroused on every occasion. The cannonades in Barcelona disturbed Madrid about as much as if they had occurred in a foreign country. Spain favors repression there because Barcelona raised the flag of insurrection.»

Even in approaching Barcelona the correspondent observed few indications of the recent bloody events there. The railways were running and work and amusements were being resumed.

Entering Barcelona at night, little out of the ordinary was noticeable except the blackened and burned churches and convents. The streets and cafés were gay, noisy, and brilliant. There was nothing to recall the revolt but an occasional military fanfare.

«Somewhat surprised and disillusioned,» the correspondent continues, «I make a tour of observation. Everything surprises me. One sees that the interruption of normal life has been slight. The revolution must have been superficial if it has not even upset the good humor of the town.»

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  • Antonio Maura (21) Antonio Maura y Montaner (Palma de Mallorca, 2 de mayo de 1853-Torrelodones, 13 de diciembre de 1925) fue un político español, presidente del Consejo de Ministros en cinco ocasiones durante el reinado de Alfonso XIII; entre 1903 y 1904, entre 1907 y 1909 —el gobierno largo de Antonio Maura—, en 1918, en 1919 y entre 1921 y 1922.
  • Barcelona (1604)
  • Madrid (66)
  • Semana Trágica (España) (20) Se conoce con el nombre de Semana Trágica a los sucesos acaecidos en Barcelona y otras ciudades de Cataluña entre el 26 de julio y el 2 de agosto de 1909.


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