31 de July de 1909 - Escaramuzas y ejecuciones (202)

Authoritative Personage Says 10 Courts-Martial Sat Two Days to Try Them.
Authorities Guarding Against Strike To-Morrow — Rebels Still Hold Much of Barcelona, Reports Say.

SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain, by Way of the French Frontier, July 31. — An authoritative personage declared to-night that ten courts-martial sat continuously throughout Thursday and Friday, and that the number of revolutionists condemned and shot is estimated at 120. About three thousand revolutionists were killed and wounded by machine guns or rifle fire.

Although all the dispatches from Madrid, which pass through the hands of a censor, agree that Gen. Brandos, the military commander at Barcelona, has ruthlessly crushed the revolt there, executing many ringleaders, and that the Government is now master of the situation, private reports from Barcelona say the revolutionists still hold much of the city, and that the artillery has been unable until now to dislodge them.

A Barcelona dispatch dated to-day says: «Yesterday afternoon new collisions occurred and the soldiers were repulsed. Assaults were directed against the convents of the Conceptionists and the Daughters of Mary. Many were wounded in lower quarters of the city. A fusillade was commenced again, the rioters shooting from the roofs of houses.»


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  • Antonio Maura (21) Antonio Maura y Montaner (Palma de Mallorca, 2 de mayo de 1853-Torrelodones, 13 de diciembre de 1925) fue un político español, presidente del Consejo de Ministros en cinco ocasiones durante el reinado de Alfonso XIII; entre 1903 y 1904, entre 1907 y 1909 —el gobierno largo de Antonio Maura—, en 1918, en 1919 y entre 1921 y 1922.
  • Barcelona (1604)
  • España (250)
  • Guerra de Melilla (16) Se llama Guerra de Melilla al conflicto que enfrentó a tropas españolas con las cabilas rifeñas en los alrededores de la ciudad de Melilla entre julio y diciembre de 1909.
  • Madrid (66)
  • Semana Trágica (España) (20) Se conoce con el nombre de Semana Trágica a los sucesos acaecidos en Barcelona y otras ciudades de Cataluña entre el 26 de julio y el 2 de agosto de 1909.


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