19 de December de 1840 - Un artista romántico inglés, la puerta de la Paz (158)

We then landed and went to Mrs. Annesley’s, where we met M. Gauttier d’Arc, who showed us some exquisite drawings of old buildings in Barcelona, by an English artist of the name of Hawke, who had been staying here for some time for that purpose; and he has chosen well, for there is much worthy of the pencil in Barcelona. It was quite dark as we came back, and it was only owing to Mons. Gauttier d’Arc’s good guidance that we avoided the mass of mud which distinguished the principal entrance. As it was past the time of locking the gates, we were obliged to pass through the smaller one on the side, which is only a square hole just large enough to allow one to get through by stooping, —but numbers of people were gliding in and out by this means,— and we found our way down to the pier and to our vessel without farther adventure.

, Narrative of a yacht voyage in the Mediterranean during 1840-41 (1842).

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