13 de May de 1854 - Cumpleaños de la reina, La cabaña del tío Tom en el Principal, hedor insoportable de ajo (264)

To-day, being the birthday of the King [sic], there were fine doings at Barcelona amongst those who were connected with the court. In the morning, all the officials and towns-people, dressed in their best, attended a levée, which was held at the palace of the Captain-General. We walked on the sea wall, fronting the palace, where several regiments were drawn up, the bands of each corps performing some excellent pieces in honour of the day. Guns were fired from the bastions, and the vessels in the harbour were dressed with flags. The scene was very stirring and novel. All the festivities being over at an early hour, the bands of the several regiments proceeded to the Rambla, where they again performed to crowds of admiring Barcelonese. It was altogether a very interesting day, and one not likely often to be witnessed by a passing traveller.

In the evening, we went to the Theatre Principal, which is partly supported by the Government, and in which the Spanish drama is performed. Here we saw a Spanish version of «Uncle Tom’s Cabin,» adapted to meet the tastes of a southern audience, with lots of stabbing and heroism, and English liberality. The hero, George, turned out to be an English captain, who brought a frigate and English soldiers to rescue his poor slave wife. Three reals was only charged as entrance to the stalls, which were comfortable seats; though the odour of garlic was almost unbearable. We were relieved by the arrival of the Tharsis steam-boat, in which we intended to leave on Monday next, for Valencia.

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