31 de July de 1926 - Atentado del «neurasténico» Domènec Masachs Torrente contra Primo de Rivera (147 + 7)

Occasionally the old fashioned iron extinguisher of censorship clapped upon Spain by Dictator Premier Primo de Rivera springs a tiny leak, spurts a dark smoke puff of news. Last week the official version of what occurred when the Dictator visited Barcelona was that he «received an enthusiastic welcome . . . .»

Actually one Domingo Masachs Torrent, 34, Communist, day laborer, had sharpened a sleek knife wherewith to welcome Primo de Rivera.

As the Dictator’s car slowed to turn a corner the knife hurtled, grazed Prime’s left ear, penetrated two inches into the upholstery of the car ….

Dictator Premier Primo de Rivera, no neurasthenic, drew the knife calmly from where it quivered, pocketed it, motioned his chauffeur to drive on.

Would-be-assassin Domingo Masachs Torrent, markedly neurasthenic, did not notice in the excitement of shouting, «Down with you, tyrant!» a secret service car which swooped upon him, ran him down, broke his leg.

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