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AUTOS GAINING IN SPAIN.; Poor Roads and Dear Fuel Retard Progress — Chance for American Makers.

Poor roads and the high price of gasoline exert a powerful restraining influence upon the development of the automobile business in Spain, according to United States Vice Consul General Willlam Dawson, Jr., Barcelona. But the use of cars is increasing, and with constant additions to the 3,000 which were known to be owned in the country last year, there is thought to be opportunity for the creation of a favorable market for the American product.


The President of a leading automobile club estimated the cars in use in September, 2008, to be as follows: Madrid and district, 500; Barcelona and district, 600; Guipuzcoa and Sebastian, 300; Vizcaya, (Bilbao,) 200; Palma de Mallorca, 300; Seville and district, 100; all other parts of Spain, 1,000. Total, 3,000.


The average price of a first-class 20 to 24 horse power 4-cylinder gasoline car in Barcelona, with open side entrance carrosserie, is from $3,100 to $3,175; second grade 4-cylinder French cars of well-known make, $300 to $400 cheaper. Cars in use here range from 16 to 40 horse power, the most popular car being the 16 to 20 to 24 horse power. Steam cars have been tried, but given up. Steam cars and electric runabouts ought, however, to have a decided advantage in Spain on account of the high price of gasoline.

New York Times

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