18 de May de 1343 - Intrigas antes de la invasión de Mallorca por Pedro IV (776)

The King of Majorca with his Queen came over to Barcelona, and lodged in the Monastery of the Minor Friars, who had raised a Bridge from the Sea as far as the Convent for their Entry. They were received by the King of Arragon with great Demonstrations of Respect. The Nuncio us’d all his Interest and Endeavours to reconcile these two Monarchs, but as Ambition and Malice sway’d the one, so Schemes laid for Peace, as they thwarted the Designs of Interest, could not take Effect.

King Peter now had contriv’d another Crime of which he accused the King of Majorca; which was, That he and his Queen (Peter‘s own Sister) were to feign themselves Sick, and to desire the King of Arragon and his Uncle Peter, and James his Brother to come and visit them, his Design being to have them seiz’d as they enter’d by 12 Men that were to be placed there, and in case of any Noise, to kill or carry them off by the Bridge to his Gallies, (which lay then in the Harbour) and so to Majorca, where they were to be secured in the Castle of Alaron, till he of Arragon should acquit him and his Sucessors of the Fief. But it pleased God the Plot was discover’d. This is what was related by King Peter.

King Peter sends for the Queen of Majorca, upon pretence of finding out this Piece of Treason; and he ordered if her Husband was not willing to let her come, to carry her away by Force, which in effect was done. This occasioned King James to charge the King of Arragon with a Violence, and a breach of the safe Conduct.

It was evident to every Body that this new charge against the King of Majorca was false and ridiculous, and that it proceeded from the hatred his Brother-in-law conceiv’d against him, and the design he had upon his Estates.

The King of Arragon order’d his Brother the Infante James, and other Officers to the Frontiers of Rousillon; and in the mean while fitted out a Fleet to pass over to Majorca. At the same time he ordered some Horse and Foot to invade Cerdagn; which they did, and took Cuevas, a strong Pass, and the Possession of which made the Entry into Cerdagn, and the Valey of Ribas easy.

Before he embark’d, he concluded the Process against the King of Majorca, and declared that if he did not appear within a Year all his Estates should be confiscated and joined to his Dominion, and protested that by this Sentence he did not mean any Prejudice to others who had formed, or were to form any Process against the King of Majorca, and those that favour’d him.

Queen Sancha, second Wife to King Robert of Naples, and Aunt to the King of Majorca, sent the Bishop of Gaeta, and Ramon Flota, Captain of Aversa, Embassadors to the King of Arragon, to desire him to suspend his Designs against the King of Majorca, or to remit the Cause to Referees. But King Peter excused himself and dismissed the Embassadors.

King Peter writes in his History, that the King of Majorca had laid many Taxes on his Subjects, and had mightily oppress’d them. But be that as it will; they began to grow Cool in their Duty to their Prince. The Commonalty tenderly feel Impositions, are fond of Novelty and Change, to try if possible thereby to remedy their Fortune, and do not care for a War at their own Cost, but love Money more than their Life or Sovereign. It was represented to the Majorcans, how happy they should be under the Power of the King of Arragon, who would not be so ready to oppress them as the other who had not so rich Estates.

King Peter embark’d the 10th of May 1343, and waited at Lobregat for his Fleet, which consisted of 116 Sail, of which Number 30 were Gallies. He set sail on the 18th, and arriv’d at Palomera on the 23rd, they resolv’d to Land at Peguera.

The ancient and modern history of the Balearick Islands

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