17 de julio de 1938 - El futuro líder de los conservadores británicos habla en Radio Barcelona (181 + 259)

I did not quite know what I was going to find, as this was our first experience of actual warfare … I imagined we might come to a wrecked city and find a terror-stricken people, haggard and worn … with rioting and looting and feelings running high … What we did find surprised us all … Everything is perfectly normal, life is going on almost as usual … people thronging the streets, sitting in cafes, laughing and talking with far from long faces … the liberty of the individual has impressed me greatly … There are no secret courts here. During the raids the same calmness and normal behaviour continues … people go quietly to a shelter, there is no sign of panic. But they realise what it all means, as people who have never seen them never can realise … the destruction of defenceless men, women, and children, bombed in unprotected villages, is most ghastly … I have seen the planes 200 feet above my head, heard the bombs, and the village I had passed through five minutes before was in ruins … Yet still the morale of the people is untouched.

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