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London organ-grinding tweets for October 2017

Posted: November 1st 2017 07:03.

Lukewarm barrel organ-ish ephemera from Hackney, London and thereabouts.

Langston Hughes in Spain

Posted: October 1st 2011 17:51. Last modified: October 1st 2011 18:08

Idealism vs realism as a Stalinist hack copes with the Italian bombing of Barcelona but struggles to explain why Moorish peasants are slaughtering Spanish workers in the battle for Madrid.

Ya en los nidos de antaño no hay pájaros ocaño

Posted: June 9th 2010 00:59. Last modified: June 9th 2010 11:03

An elderly Andalusian's way of saying "this year" may constitute early warning of global (or at least Peninsular) cataclysm, perhaps a regional franchise of the 2012 phenomenon.

The true origins of “Africa begins at the Pyrenees”

Posted: May 2nd 2010 23:58. Last modified: May 3rd 2010 19:29

This deeply resented peripheralising aphorism was coined not by Alexander Dumas but by Dominique Dufour de Pradt or conceivably the Conde do Funchal.

A Barcelona spamvertising blog

Posted: January 15th 2010 11:00. Last modified: February 3rd 2010 18:07

Or was the Second Anglo-Afghan War actually fought in the Pyrenees?

Roddy Doyle’s niggers of Europe explained

Posted: September 2nd 2009 21:40.

Don't claim national origins for yourselves without very carefully considering the possible consequences.

Fiesta mayor programmes and Zapatero

Posted: August 29th 2009 14:46. Last modified: August 31st 2009 09:40

Party political prejudice, or yet more historical memory bollocks?

Revisionist history of 17th century Mediterranean trade

Posted: February 12th 2009 17:31. Last modified: February 12th 2009 17:33

Molly Greene describes the complex anarchy that existed between the collapse of the Mediterranean powers and the entry of northern fleets.

Platform for the Language

Posted: February 5th 2009 16:46. Last modified: February 5th 2009 16:49

A Barcelona news-stand operator talks about Catalan after being stickered by the language vigilantes.

Eye and Hand of Fatima on gypsy door in Perpignan

Posted: December 7th 2008 12:41. Last modified: April 13th 2009 23:57

Efforts have been made to erase a sticker of a member of the Incredible Hulk clan. Superimposed on the wooden cross of the door, what a formidable Trinity that would have been! (Anglocabrones often say the eye belongs to Providence. Whatever.) Sometimes the Eye and the Hand are combined in one icon, as in this […]

Absurd claims in and arising from study of Iberian genetics

Posted: December 6th 2008 18:50.

It's barrel-scraping time when the comments over at El país are smarter than the article. Check out Dienekes for a bit of common sense.

Moors are poisoned by fugues and non sequiturs

Posted: October 26th 2008 13:40.

New translation of Horace here. Conventional version of "dulce et decorum est pro patria mori", "it’s sweet and fitting to die for one's country" here. (Thanks Jesús)

Reconstruction of Puerta Osario, Seville

Posted: October 14th 2008 10:38.

Sevillanadas has photoshopped back into place one of the Moorish city's gates, demolished in 1868 by the same man who restored it twenty years earlier following a serious bout of generalised brotherly hate. Will it now be rebuilt?

The decline of the Spanish race

Posted: September 30th 2008 07:06. Last modified: September 29th 2008 18:28

Another sentimental tango from from Tio de la Tiza and the Bebabouched Moors demonstrates a firmly-rooted belief in 1891 Cadiz in the Decadence of the Nation, even before the disaster of 1898 and its long aftermath exacerbated the gulf between a diligently managed press and wild popular fears: Una inocente niña llorando estaba y con […]

Borderline nonsense language in Cádiz carnival

Posted: September 28th 2008 20:53. Last modified: April 25th 2011 21:56

Daisy chaining: Cadiz declined after the War of Independence against the French and suffered the final blow with the loss of the last colonies in 1898, but, if it never achieved the notoriety of Barcelona, it was still an interesting mix of people. Here's one of my favourite songs, from one of carnival's great personalities, […]

Extraordinary effects of a solar eclipse on the population of Tripoli on June 4 1788

Posted: September 22nd 2008 07:30. Last modified: September 22nd 2008 09:28

Tully, Letters written during a ten years' residence at the court of Tripoli (1819): June 12 1788 To you, my dear friend, who are always alive to the beauties and effects of nature, I cannot omit describing what an extraordinary impression an eclipse makes on the uninformed part of the inhabitants of Barbary. Of this […]

Patron saint of Barcelona swapped because of climate change?

Posted: September 20th 2008 12:40. Last modified: September 20th 2008 13:26

When the original cathedral was consecrated in 1058, it was dedicated to the Holy Cross and to St Eulalia, who on February 12 303 was put in a barrel lined with knives or glass, rolled down the hill out of Roman Barcelona, and unbreasted, crucified and decapitated near one of my favourite bars, whereupon a […]

Beware gypsies bearing gods

Posted: September 14th 2008 15:59. Last modified: November 2nd 2011 23:00

The Santa Majestat in Caldes de Montbui.

Squatter eviction proceedings were first documents in Italian

Posted: August 31st 2008 13:58. Last modified: August 30th 2008 12:28

The excellent Mauro Baglieri writes: "The Placito Capuano or Placito di Capua is the first in a number of acts, also known as Placiti Cassinesi. They were written in early Italian between 960 and 963 A.D. : court proceedings allowing the Benedictines from four abbacies to reclaim their lands from squatters that had occupied them […]

Of prostitution in Spain

Posted: August 26th 2008 14:10. Last modified: August 26th 2008 14:03

Since both Spanish prostitution and Henry Mayhew came up yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to combine them and copy-paste from the excellent (though slow) Perseus database at Tufts the latter's view of the former. I assume his street prostitutes who "traffic for the bare means of subsistence and submit to any and every […]


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