Trebots @ Monday May 14th 2012 11:11

This strikes me as pretty plausible, and I'm guessing the export cap here will be around €1000-equivalent. If the public perception is that nationalist dictatorship created the Spanish middle class and eurocracy destroyed it (basically only the extremely rich have accounts in safe havens), then the future could be interesting.

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  1. Tom
    May 14th 2012 11:41


    Oh wait, did I misunderstand?

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  3. Trebots
    May 14th 2012 12:54

    That's what I'm paying you for.

  4. A Nun
    May 14th 2012 12:59

    If the euro's doomed how come it's still trading so high? Merkel has to back off or retire.

  5. Trebots
    May 14th 2012 14:08

    1.250 at lunch against sterling. We're getting there.

  6. Trebots
    May 14th 2012 19:25

    More amusement:


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