Blackletter OCR, pretty much fixed

Diogenes with his barrel doodah, first from an old Google OCR stored at Internet Archive: SSanbetSmitbe lei^nte id^ itn tmtn SSinfel einet S)orfr^enre ^ urn bie ^tpef{en 9la(^mittagSftunben Dergifi^en ju (affen^ a(8 ein attet Wtcm be(a{let btttd^ bie ofene Sl^iit 9etetn|inf(e» @t ttug an einem 9tiemen iibet bie linfe 9[(^fe( eine 3)te§ot9e[ unb einen iufamniengefd^(agenen […]

Etymology of Salafi clarified

Wikipedia says 'Salafism takes its name from the term salaf ("predecessors", "ancestors") used to identify the earliest Muslims, who, its adherents believe, provide the epitome of Islamic practice.' Brief research in my diseased brain establishes however that it refers to its adherents' practice of iPhoning themselves with the severed heads of those with whom they […]

I’ll get it back, she said

How to kill yourself when you've already got Alzheimer's (should you want to). 2 comments, inc Colin: Excellent proposal. Have ordered the device, pre-set.

The real crisis

Vox populi, Waltham Abbey: So who cares if Greece leaves the Eurofuckingvision Song Contest? The Essex ~travellers were out in force with two-year-olds and what I'd call light gigs. Baldie Pevsner slagged off the C19th renovation of the abbey church, but it's actually wonderful. The mural in the Lady Chapel reminded me of the SW […]

Brain meltdown

Captain Noodle, carpenter extraordinaire, writes from back home in Barcelona: the other day i was sitting next to a fountain in montjuic and a very large young man climbed out and sat dripping next to me on the park bench. he explained that he was homeless and had been sleeping in the pond all day […] 3 comments, inc Tom: Real exam question: if every job created in Spain = 33% of a pre-crisis job, and every job created i

Wurst is German for sausage


Wrust is a Spanish speciality and a Botswanan all-black metal band: Did they intend to call themselves sausage? How strong is the residual regional influence of German South-West Africa, not to mention Boer (wors) camp? More namby-pamby posturing from Gaborone: A very shy black friend once became the lead singer of a moderately good all-white Leeds heavy band. Singing as a cure for

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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Record label name not invented by a Dutch speaker


Of tumba, of Ben of that manor, of grunting, and of dynamiting fish.

Record label name not invented by a Dutch speaker


Of tumba, of Ben of that manor, of grunting, and of dynamiting fish.