Mind over mutter: Céline on the challenges of speech production

Other doctor-novelists; why musicians can't write. 1 comment, inc Ian: Henry Handel Richardson (real name Ethel!) was apparently a bit of a dab hand at the piano.

The bells

Easter edition.

WTF does “namelake” come from?

Ciudadanos had it tonight for pudding at their Andalusian campaign dinner, and here's the only recipe that Gugel finds: NAMELAKE DE REGALIZ 300 gr. Leche 15 gr. Glucosa 3 1/2 gr. Hojas de gelatina 560 gr. Chocolate Cacao Barry México 600 gr. Nata 70 gr. Pasta pura de regaliz ELABORACIÓN: Hervir la leche con la […] 6 comments, inc Trebots: Possible Malawian doggie vs obscure Japanese pudding: no contest

El Risitas, the new Hitler


Armando Ferreira's "translation" has an Apple engineer discussing the new MacBook: I hadn't heard about Juan Joya Borja and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why do women shave?

A 15th century beauty manual.

Osona: the power of pigshit


Anon enjoys juxtaposing the gibberish from the tourist body for the Catalan district containing Vic, Manlleu and Torelló: Discover thepower ofcatalan land, close to Barcelona ... with news from Grup de Defensa del Ter that the average level of nitrates in tested springs in the area -vital for walkers- has increased over the past year from 64 to 78.7 mg/l; that there are peaks of 456.5 at

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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Observations on cycling in London after an absence of some years

Everyone now has a cute little helmet. Drunken pedallers are now frowned upon. Behaving like a sociopathic arsehole remains however de rigueur. 1 comment, including looby: Don't forget the little cameras now, turned off when convenient. Filmer, film thyself!

Strength to sweetness

"Lions Bible", from 1804: 1 Kings 8:19 reads "thy son that shall come forth out of thy lions", rather than "loins". What would the world have been like had the Lyle's Golden Syrup tin borne a picture of the rotting carcass of some loins with a swarm ...

Barcelona, on this day