Henry Fielding on who gives a fuck where [Columbus] was born (answer: not [Columbus])

Past performance is no guide to future performance, my dears.

Bin the NHS

This rings the bell of personal experience: blood samples repeatedly lost, causing extra nights in hospital; no mechanism to push test results (or lack thereof) through to ward staff; staff wheeling pressure-testing machines around whose results can be transmitted automatically to a server but instead are written down by illiterates; random bits of paper hanging […]

Yea, we wept, when we remembered la Coruña. WTF?

Homesickness and the Spanish. 2 comments, inc Trebots: How does Leopold II's lovey-dovey NGO fit into colonialism?

Spanish vehicle purchase queries

The thing doesn't currently have a permiso de circulación, and is stored off-road. Is the former legal? If I buy it, how do I get the permiso so I can drive it away? Am I automatically given one on the cambio de titularidad? The current owner hasn't transferred titularidad @DGT from the previous owner (the […] 4 comments, inc Javier: There is the possibility that Ms Previous selled the vehicle (¿are we talking of the Piaggio APE50?)

The better the host, the worse his accommodations

From MM: The [London Natural History Society] traces its roots back to 1858, when the Haggerstone Entomological Society was founded in June of that year. By the end of the year it had 35 members, who met one evening a week in the Carpenters' Arms, a pub in Haggerston, which lies between Shoreditch and Dalston. […]

Sóc gramofonista


Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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Descubren un elemento del lenguaje humano en el canto de un pájaro

"Pretty fucking Polly." Not, unfortunately.

Least politically-correct bar in Barcelona?

It's basically a living room, everyone's smoking, granny's passed out on the sofa, behind the barman is a photo of him and father/brother/son(?) with the following: Wanted: Dangerous Rapists. Reward: €3000. And I haven't got a smartphone, so no-one... 2 comments, including trev: I'll take you there one day. The amazing thing is it's in the middle of everything.