Richard Ayoade “The Double” – a couple of queries

(Spoiler alert.) 1 comment, inc looby: First Hackney, then Lancaster---that's coming up here next month. I will deliberately not look at Tr

Esperanza Aguirre, the PP’s clown princess

With a bonus on the true reason behind Manuel Valls' rejection of Catalan separatism. 1 comment, inc Trebots:

Sorry, can’t fix that one

The Barcelona MSM is financed from general taxation, but even they, like their freer brethren elsewhere, create some memorable juxtapofuckups. I still love the 19th century editions of the Vanguardia, then catholic and cautious, whose front page tended to be dominated by magical cures for venereal disease. 1 comment, inc Oriol: Que bé que hagis actualitzat les dades del domini, ara espero que tinguis els papers en regla per ex

Sinn Fein-IRA joke

You heard it here first - unless you're familiar with the early 20th century Spanish gypsy repertoire.

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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  • Brer Rabid: "pseudo-historic revisionism, ... pack of lies and bullshit, ... Catalanophobe resentment of Spanish nationalism (past and present) apologist"
  • Don Colin: "gnomic"
  • The Pox: "Franco's Little Helper"
  • La Vanguardia wonders whether Kalebeul is a CIA operation
  • Mark Liberman: "a treat"
  • Significant other: "What was that hairy weirdo on about? What blog?"


Putin by Bush

This is the greatest painting ever painted by a human being. Look well. This is up there with Guernica and the Scream. It is primitive and visceral. It gives Putin the Dorian Gray treatment he has so long been asking for. Look at those creepy scabs o... 1 comment, including looby: The Ehud Olmert painting looks a bit like Richard Gerstl's Self Portrait, Laughing. It's a shame Bus

We’ve got a coup date!

"La visualización pública de que el país entero funciona por sí solo debe ser claramente percibida y concretarse con elementos como el control de las grandes infraestructuras y fronteras, puertos, aeropuertos, seguridad pública, comunicaciones, ...

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