Cost of living: London almost twice as expensive as Barcelona?

Sounds about right to me. I haven't been to Belfast since I could count my age on my fingers; maybe there are good reasons now why people would prefer to live there than in marginally cheaper San Sebastián, though I suspect food is not one of them. Because of the way things work out when […] 2 comments, inc Trebots: I'm afraid I started drinking London pints, which cost more than a bottle of wine in Barcelona. Jesu

Away with “anythingarian rants & rambles from the land of the fretting nun”!

The new tag reflects current geographics & respect for among others Messrs Benny of Hill and Triooo: I did a quick tea dance in Bcn last night, and was going to sing a couple this lunchtime in a popular neighbourhood square, but my main client base -I am sure you can picture them- had been […]

Ireland … produces the best diary products in the world

Over at Slugger: "As we lumber from one political crisis to the next and it is doom all round it is nice to concentrate on the things we are good at. Ireland North & South produces the best diary products in the world..." Jonathan Swift's letters to Esther Johnson aka Stella are here, and they […]

“Where is limit” and the decline in rote learning


Lenox here and here and here writes: Well, here's a race you won't want to miss - it's the prize-winning 'Stupidest Titled Activity 2014' which this year goes to the World Capital of Plastic Farming: '1st Trail Where Is Limit El Ejido'. Yes, they are all very excited, especially the chap who had the honour of finding, with just a google translator to help him navigate through the difficult

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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Dear Customs@HMRC (en)


Which EU import tariff is applicable to non-EU kazoos?

“Family,s rock”, the world’s first recorded greengrocers’ comma?


Should definitely be an apostrophe, dudes. I'm pretty sure I've actually seen this before, in both Hispano- and Anglophone environments. You might think that it suggests that they are also pretty unlettered in their mother tongue, but establishin...