Cost of living: London almost twice as expensive as Barcelona?

Sounds about right to me. I haven't been to Belfast since I could count my age on my fingers; maybe there are good reasons now why people would prefer to live there than in marginally cheaper San Sebastián, though I suspect food is not one of them. Because of the way things work out when […] 1 comment, inc Tom: Hmm. At first I wasn't sure about Plymouth. But it's true that Tesco is more expensive than my local

Away with “anythingarian rants & rambles from the land of the fretting nun”!

The new tag reflects current geographics & respect for among others Messrs Benny of Hill and Triooo: I did a quick tea dance in Bcn last night, and was going to sing a couple this lunchtime in a popular neighbourhood square, but my main client base -I am sure you can picture them- had been […]

Ireland … produces the best diary products in the world

Over at Slugger: "As we lumber from one political crisis to the next and it is doom all round it is nice to concentrate on the things we are good at. Ireland North & South produces the best diary products in the world..." Jonathan Swift's letters to Esther Johnson aka Stella are here, and they […]

Cineres: remains vs ashes

Galician Colin has found some remains labelled as ashes, then there's Raphael in the Pantheon (Ossa et cineres, though by all accounts his penis was the only part singed), and Princess Eadgyth, d. 946 (EDIT REGINE CINERES HIC SARCOPHAGVS HABET), etc.. I thought this was a metonymy brought about by the medieval church banning cremation: […] 1 comment, inc Colin: Thanks, Trevor. That clears that up!

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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(Nederlands) Waaruit blijkt dat de melodie van “‘t Was aan de Costa del Sol” oorspronkelijk Duits-Italiaanse is


Disculpa, pero esta entrada sólo está disponible en Nederlands.

Some Itanglish in a Dryden comedy


One José María Trilladas has apparently been combing the accounts of the black card looters of Caja Madrid and has discovered that between them the great and the good, lefties and righties, spent everything on, to put it mildly, wine, women and son...