The Tory Scumbank

How to fund Jeremy Corbyn's "people's QE" without killing off the Bank of England and destroying the British economy. 1 comment, inc looby: That, Trevor, even by your standards, is one of the most deliciously sensually amusing opals you've

London housing, Catalan secessionism, the Middle East…

Kalebeul solves three crises at one fell swoop. 1 comment, inc Colin: Superb!

¡Mira mis putos pantalones rojos!

Englánd vs Espain.

She’s got me by the balls

Castration is still legitimate justification for the cancellation of a marriage in Iran. But is there any restriction on DIY? "Khomeini concludes that a man may have intercourse with a girl under nine years old and divorce her without restriction," so it would seem most unfair if that exit route were precluded. Danton having a […]

The Catalan oligarchy

... and the obscene under-representation of mother-tongue Spanish speakers in positions of power. 5 comments, inc Tom: Ah yes, the ethnicist argument at the center of the unionist case. First you say that Mas never real

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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