I can’t stop looking at Muslim women’s feet

With an Afro-Saxon chronicle.

German double eagle/Adele pun quickly removed

Google News: The source at RP Online: Seemed like a good idea to me.

Nicht Offenbach, sondern Offenekloake

Explanation: These lovely folks, who unfortunately make some boring old men's heads and bowels explode with fear and vergüenza ajena/sympathetic shame, have as one of their emotistraps the alleged Beethovenism re Bach, "Not a brook but an ocean." The sea is so boring. Imagine the success Charles Trenet might have had with the following if […]

Alostrophe! Now you see’s it, now you dont!

Two missing apostrophes near the grocer's grocer. 3 comments, inc MM: I think I've found one of those apostrophes. From Around Town Upminster: 'Welcome to Essex golf at i

French state hit squad pursuing Daily Mail Paris team

The new consensus is not to waste billions on bombing campaigns against petty criminals with a convenient and bloody millennial ideology, smartphones and social media, but that the whole movement can be utterly demoralised by the Daily Mail publishing pictures of suicide bombers in the bath, that for Paul Dacre this is the new Stephen […]

It’s time for all rationalists to keep and bear arms

Pass a couple of simple tests and I will sell you the means to protect yourself against the opponents of life, freedom, peace and prosperity in your neighbourhood. 13 comments, inc Tom: You like Niall Ferguson, don't you? He's gone off the cliff in dog whistle terms (avoid the Murdoch

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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Come on, Simon

8/1 on Ukip in Oldham three weeks ago seemed like spectacularly good use of a tenner, and Ladbrokes are now down to 5/2, which the Speccie thinks is still high. But disaster: nice Mr McMahon has told nice Mr Corbyn to fuck off back to his cave and it...

By the face


Jordi Pujol Ferrusola has apparently been paying Liberty Seguros an average of €45 per annum per car to insure a Mercedes Benz 230 SL Pagoda, a Porsche 911 S 2.7 turbo coupé, a Lotus Elan and a Ferrari F40. Crónica Global: Un informe de la UDEF ...