House buyers’ guide to the significance of all the electricity meters in a neighbourhood being on top of 7-metre poles

Here. I met a couple of slippered eastern gypsy ladies in Lidl (Barcelona) the other day. They were acquiring monstrous quantities of junk food with their begged euro coins, which they appeared not to be able to count for themselves. I explained that at Alcampo there were self-checkout machines which they could use for small […]

Balls of steel?

Or just unimaginative?

Rebranding Babel

The London Borough of Newham is looking for a Professional Tutor: Our client is a single sex secondary school based in the heart of East London. [...] The school is a specialist Language school and they currently offer an unrivalled range of languages taught on the curriculum and in lunchtime clubs: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, […]

Proposal to impose 35% use of “regional” product in certain varieties of León hostelry

Good luck if you run a seafood bar. Could be worse: imagine if you had to listen to the shitty music as well.

Let’s be honest: Islam is worse than Britney Spears

I'm not a big fan of Presbyterians (anagram check), but to their credit it's more than 300 years since the Kirk had Thomas Aikenhead killed for speaking out of turn. What we need from the "moderate" Imam of Drancy is not condescending "tolerance" and "pardon" for all of our sodomites and Jewboys and funnymen, but […] 11 comments, inc Tom: Thanks for the Prairie Home Companion recommendation. Et je suis Tom.

Happy new anus


Though the old ones are best, says M. Dig those Cardio Power Workout Hits.

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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Author Translation, a literary translation agency


The excellent Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware, dedicated to exposing literary scams, has discovered Author Translation. This agency appears to specialise in EN->ES at extremely low prices - 0.02$ per translated word is quoted. As Victoria notes,...

I’d always thought that Spain was Europe’s premium open air museum / freakshow of disastrous political theory

But Mr Fàbregas makes a reasonable case for Greece.