WTF does “namelake” come from?

Ciudadanos had it tonight for pudding at their Andalusian campaign dinner, and here's the only recipe that Gugel finds: NAMELAKE DE REGALIZ 300 gr. Leche 15 gr. Glucosa 3 1/2 gr. Hojas de gelatina 560 gr. Chocolate Cacao Barry México 600 gr. Nata 70 gr. Pasta pura de regaliz ELABORACIÓN: Hervir la leche con la […] 6 comments, inc Trebots: Possible Malawian doggie vs obscure Japanese pudding: no contest

Remarque, The Road Back

Like Ondaatje and Cercas, Remarque's The road back / Der Weg zurück (1931) mixes fact and fiction, but in a way I find admirable and moving. There's never the sense of fiddling for self-aggrandisement, merely the kind of twiddling that is inevitable when you sign up to write a story in so many thousand words. […]

Cruel and unusual punishment, Derbyshire mining edition

Plus Walthamstow in German, & Christopher and Michael Ondaatje in lalaland.

Cultural misunderstanding?

All Spanish men scratch their nuts in libraries and other alarming situations. In Britain we whistle in the dark. Such behaviour should be known and tolerated.

Why do women shave?

A 15th century beauty manual.

Bumpkin alert at Ukip campaign launch

Sebastian Payne: There was one hick up: the cinema was far too small for the media pack who journeyed down to [Canvey Island, Essex]. This seems to be a 21st century eggcorn.

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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"All day I've faced, the barren waste, without a taste of... Can you see that big green tree, Where the sandwish's running free, And it's waiting there for you and me?" I do Cool Water with the organ, and it's a great favourite, but th...

French lessons: Grannie on her bike rides across the pool


Boby Lapointe, an obsessive, deranged comic genius who seems to have drunk himself to death aged 50, points to one of the delicious traps lying in wait for elephants who proceed beyond their French-English phrasebooks - the fact that of the supposed ...