“sheer callous laziness on the part of nurses who are too busy to deal with patients in agonising pain”

Good morning, Mary Anne from the Philippines and Florence from Zimbabwe. If dying with dignity is a goal, then making it impossible for (night) nurses to access Facebook and the rest of the internet would make a huge difference in terms of willingness to go and cast a glance on the moribund, who to be […]

Catalan UDI option really supported by Danish parliament?

Mail from the nationalist travel agency lobbying group "El cas dels catalans" alleging that last Tuesday a motion was passed in favour of the Catalan right to self-determination with the support of all parliamentary groups except the far right: Com sabeu, aquest passat dimarts dia 12 de maig, el Parlament de Dinamarca va debatre sobre […] 3 comments, inc Trebots: And here you have it: http://www.cronicaglobal.com/es/notices/2015/05/el-parlamento-de-dinamarca-ins

Hallucinating gherkins

The psychotropic 80s in Spanish expressions. 2 comments, inc Trebots: Cycling on pavements is another thing that always comes up at elections. Sometimes, then, a new law

Clue to treaty signature location in title punctuation

Convention on the Law Applicable to Products Liability. No possessive apostrophe in Dutch. Is The Hague also to blame for the greengrocer's apostrophe? "Bring back the banana's!": a touchy-feely slogan for a post-EU political union between (SE) England and the Netherlands?

Vote Sinaí Giménez

The Galician Obama, the Vigan Podemos... 4 comments, inc Tom: Nah, you want to vote for Cerdanyola's PENN. http://www.penn.es/ I think they're right up your alley

Kill the vibe

Unlike the Labour Party, which is still largely in blame-the-voters mode, the Evil Empire does seem to be thinking vaguely about UKIP, but there's a word in the leaked European Commission migration doc which predicts the doom of any initiative thence: The EU must continue to offer protection to those in need. It must also […] 4 comments, inc Tom: I find them amusing but I do worry that anyone would take them seriously. And while the RCP is forma

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

Unbreakable reads

Visitors booked

  • Brer Rabid: "pseudo-historic revisionism, ... pack of lies and bullshit, ... Catalanophobe resentment of Spanish nationalism (past and present) apologist"
  • Don Colin: "gnomic"
  • The Pox: "Franco's Little Helper"
  • La Vanguardia wonders whether Kalebeul is a CIA operation
  • Mark Liberman: "a treat"
  • Significant other: "What was that hairy weirdo on about? What blog?"


Stalin’s organ works


But all its pipes are the same length, so it only plays one note. Plus totalitarian musical dogs and terror management studies.

The true story, never revealed, of the barrow organ


/There's more to this eggcorn than Somerset genius.