Endesa, la pura genialidad

Mandan email: Para evitar posibles importes acumulados en sus facturas, le rogamos que nos facilite la lectura real de su contador de electricidad. etc etc Pero tendrán bastantes clientes, por lo cual: Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists: Lectura luz aportada por cliente a Endesa The recipient's mailbox is full and can't […]

Origins of the “Gaelic Blessing” used at quasi-Christian, pagan and “humanist” funerals

Transphobic druidic mumbojumbo by William "Fiona" Sharp, in which God answers a prayer and cures a Hebridean fisherman's feminine gender identity.

Blue screen of death

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¿Museo de la Felación?

La Verdad: El Museo de la Gaita Humberto Rodríguez 'Mamada' está ubicado en la parroquia Santa Lucía. Diccionario normativo galego-castelán: Gaita: ... Pene, miembro viril del hombre... Alerta Digital: Un pastor evangélico brasileño convenció a sus feligreses de que practicaran sexo oral para alcanzar el Espíritu Santo. Triskel: Si tanto le gusta el sexo oral […]

What to do if you can’t be with your loved one on Valentine’s

Well, celebrate it later, obviously. The church calendar is full of appropriate saints, February 22 has a couple of particularly good ones, and Sunday is in general better than Saturday for this kind of thing. You could let yourselves be led by Baradates, who took "God is love" pretty seriously: Baradates lived in a tiny […]

House buyers’ guide to the significance of all the electricity meters in a neighbourhood being on top of 7-metre poles

Here. I met a couple of slippered eastern gypsy ladies in Lidl (Barcelona) the other day. They were acquiring monstrous quantities of junk food with their begged euro coins, which they appeared not to be able to count for themselves. I explained that at Alcampo there were self-checkout machines which they could use for small […]

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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No te cases con músico


Tres versos, cuatro chistes.

The great thing about the Muslim blasphemy assassination squads

Is that one discovers splendid loonies like Lars Vilks. Neither had I really touched Charlie Hebdo before that shit -I'd always turned to Canard enchaîné- and I'm grateful to the retards for broadening my reading.


4 comments, including Trebots: I will look out for that. If only Russell Brand would die I would do the same for him.