The way we was


Please don’t hang a flag on your house, my dears

Simple people are almost as bad as people who want you to think they're simple.

Insuring Amsterdam

Stiltsville in various Germans. With a filthy joke, and several less filthy ones.

Who cares if UPyD and Ciudadanos can’t do a deal?

Other big stories tonight: I, aged 6, am definitely not going to marry Emily Boyle. I mean, years ago there was space for a populist party opposed to the PP-PSOE-IU-CiU-ERC-etc establishment. But Rosa was basically interested in being the PP's PSOE pinup, and no one really knows where Albert has been, and star propagandist Arcadi's […] 2 comments, inc Tom: Rivera looks like he's been sniffing his own farts a bit too much.

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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  • Brer Rabid: "pseudo-historic revisionism, ... pack of lies and bullshit, ... Catalanophobe resentment of Spanish nationalism (past and present) apologist"
  • Don Colin: "gnomic"
  • The Pox: "Franco's Little Helper"
  • La Vanguardia wonders whether Kalebeul is a CIA operation
  • Mark Liberman: "a treat"
  • Significant other: "What was that hairy weirdo on about? What blog?"


El gremio (es)


Todas esas perenganadas de aficionados no hacen más que dañar a la industria. Hay que acabar con ellos. Si quieren hacer comedias, que ingresen como meritorios.

Translation scam spam


You know, the guys who divide a job up amongst lots of translators and tell each one that if they do a free sample they might get the whole job.