Saxon revolt?

Many old-style hardware shops in London have a reputation for poor customer service (an example). I wonder if they have struggled because the DIY-ers had no idea what they were looking for, and because the Slav professionals who have replaced them since 2004 have no idea what it is called. But they are usually fine […]

My gods, my emperor, my town, my business

Key historical dates from an early 19th century Austrian almanac.

Chairman Javi’s Catalan, not Galician

Bleeding obvious innit. 2 comments, inc trebots: Anthem for father-in-laws everywhere, probably. Shave yer 'ed, and give up drinking.


Knightly tombs in churches with, resting at their feet, dogs that vary in aspect from lamb to lion: Briton Rivière shows the foreplay, but is the dog then bestonèd by sorrow (cf. the widowed Hindoo's fiery fate), or is it simply (or even lysergically) sacrificed?

Isidore etymologises beggars and prostitutes

BL: "The Latin word for 'beggar' (mendicus) is now believed to derive from an earlier word meaning 'deformity' or 'lack'. Isidore, however, speculates a much more charming story, of a 'custom among the ancients' to 'close the hungry mouth and extend a hand, as if speaking with the hand' (manu dicere)." His etymologies for "the […]

Church of England converts sinner!

Huge empty East End church by a Wren assistant, burnt in 1850 but apparently un-Blitzed. Nice index from 19th century clock and other curiosities. Can't spell Betjeman. Sunday evening service: a short dozen adults & half a dozen bored infants seating under the crossing facing south (Mandela, the new Jesus Christ?) with rector & PA […] 3 comments, inc MM: Is that the one with the pyramid in the grounds?

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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Degerundisation in Furrin


In Spanish etc., campsite > camping, carpark > parking, etc., but then in German happy ending > happy End. Who cares? End is a genital euphemism in English, so a happy ending in a London massage parlour loses nothing in translation. The Happ...

The Royal Spanish Academy: patronising lardy-arsed suits pigging your tax euro?


The local branch of the Canute Society is campaigning against the (incorrect and correct) use of English in advertising: The RAE "no es una startup." Confirmation in this video. ¡Numancia romana! Buenos días.

Barcelona, on this day