Long live the prickly pear!

Death to the cochineal beetle and doom to the ecologists!

If the Guardian really cared about the North and manufacturing, it would never have left Manchester

You want constitutional reform for the UK? Kalebeul has something for everyone, except mad thieving bastards.

Ersatz Barcelona

In which Germans play foreigners and a foreigner plays a German.

I’m still convinced my “Yes” bet’s going to come off

But by a few thousand votes, rather than the 5-10% I expected last week. Most people will blame it on tears shed by Tony Blair while watching an Australian anti-Semite on a horse, but I'm also quite impressed by the housing crisis as a factor: when two or even three generations find themselves living over […] 5 comments, inc looby: I hope you didn't lose too many Euros on that. I was thinking of ploughing everything I don't have i

Das Scroll und Scream Kitschin' Kabinett des Dr Kalebeul

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Have you climbed London’s 33 summits?

Nice, and the take-aways are better than in the Himalayas. An alternative list.

First request to this site from a hitherto purchaser of dodgy translation


"Year1a", by mail: Dear ladies and gentleman, We are Fisheries Ltd. Company in kunming Yunnan China. We need import some fishmeal. If you have this products, please you contact with us.We expect that cooperation with you. Thanks! Telep...