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Langston Hughes in Spain

Posted: October 1st 2011 17:51. Last modified: October 1st 2011 18:08

Idealism vs realism as a Stalinist hack copes with the Italian bombing of Barcelona but struggles to explain why Moorish peasants are slaughtering Spanish workers in the battle for Madrid.

Assaulted by a pine processionary caterpillar!

Posted: February 5th 2011 23:12. Last modified: February 15th 2011 23:33

With chunks of Dioscorides and Andrés Laguna, including the wonderful story of what happened when an impotent bridegroom and a constipated friar involuntarily swapped medicines.

Berlusconi and the wiseness of Mubarak

Posted: February 4th 2011 16:45. Last modified: February 4th 2011 16:56

"The wisest of men" line isn't the former's, but ben trovato it certainly is.

A bicycling boho hobo, tempted by Cockaigne, fearful of Ruin

Posted: February 2nd 2011 14:53. Last modified: February 2nd 2011 16:07

What to do when a mysterious lady offers you a free ride?

The Nay of the Chacoli

Posted: December 29th 2010 12:38. Last modified: December 29th 2010 12:40

The Basque provinces demand observance of protected geographical status for their lousy wine, but Burgos fights back with a costly study centre project that will prove that they make lousy wine too. ¡Viva la crisis!

Three Russian rooster animations

Posted: September 30th 2010 15:50. Last modified: October 31st 2010 21:35

"Big cock" and "The old man and the cock are versions of "Medio pollico" / "Demi-coq", and "Why the cock wears shorts" is something else.

What’s the best way to wash down raw rodent?

Posted: August 5th 2010 21:16. Last modified: August 5th 2010 21:21

Rat, squirrel or capybara, kittens have one favourite sauce.

Solving the crisis in Spain’s public finances, part LXXII: It’s time to ban socks

Posted: May 16th 2010 22:54. Last modified: May 17th 2010 17:14

The Spanish government is determined to retain the 500€ note as a crucial weapon in the fight to reduce tax evasion and money laundering. Getting rid of socks would achieve that same goal effectively without inconvenience to honest citizens and would also provide a stealth-protectionist boost to the economy.

What’s it like being stuffed up a rooster’s arse?

Posted: May 1st 2010 17:36. Last modified: May 1st 2010 17:38

Half Cock looks to a Tuscan witch for inspiration.

Politics, the art of confusion

Posted: April 28th 2010 14:55. Last modified: April 29th 2010 18:33

A borrowed verdict on the current public utterances of Spanish officials, and a suggestion that the Catalan national question may be about to be resolved in the same way it was in 1918-23.

The semantic divergence and convergence of “hooligan” and “Tory”

Posted: April 7th 2010 12:45. Last modified: April 8th 2010 10:02

How two bands of bloodthirsty Fenians turned into peaceable middle-aged Englishmen with no known political opinions who smile a lot, are fond of sport and their children, and would probably enjoy a drink with you

Photos and video of snowstorm in Park Güell

Posted: March 8th 2010 20:00. Last modified: March 8th 2010 20:08

Includes video of snow felling a pine tree and a photo of a municipal bus which almost skated its way down-town.

Tour guide learns routes from Google Streetview

Posted: March 3rd 2010 17:20. Last modified: March 3rd 2010 17:25

Here's a cheeky hybrid of actual and virtual tourism: the guide hasn't been to all of the places advertised here at 100€ per person per day, and he hasn't visited some for a decade, so instead of conducting costly research he learns them from Google Streetview. Which, for all I know, may work perfectly well […]

The Two Gardeners

Posted: March 2nd 2010 19:39. Last modified: March 3rd 2010 21:01

An anti-intellectual French horticultural fable.

Catalan language policy: Marxist, Stalinist, Francoist or fascist?

Posted: January 27th 2010 16:40. Last modified: January 27th 2010 16:50

The precedents for, and some possible implications of, the Catalanisation of Barcelona's cinemas. Plus some crowd-pleasing video of the Quebec language police in action. (Allez! Allez! Allez! And the hell with the economy!) All in somewhat fevered response to an article by Martin Dahms in the Tages-Anzeiger.

Is the anglocabrón longing for sun, sangria and sex a new phenomenon?

Posted: October 2nd 2009 19:26. Last modified: October 6th 2009 08:23

Blasco Ibáñez says that actually we have always thought "at all hours of the Mediterranean rim."

Referendums on independence are for pussies

Posted: September 8th 2009 12:40. Last modified: September 8th 2009 15:20

Serious separatists will drive on the left, in Vic, starting Sunday.

The lurch and fall of the Almería coast

Posted: September 5th 2009 11:04. Last modified: September 5th 2009 11:11

Excerpts from Juan Goytisolo and Ramón Fernández Palmeral, with an epitaph from George Orwell.

Going to the dogs

Posted: August 31st 2009 11:35. Last modified: August 31st 2009 11:41

Vague musings on the past and present of hare coursing and greyhound racing in Spain.

Mosquitoes, alcohol and violence

Posted: August 13th 2009 14:14. Last modified: August 13th 2009 14:23

A Catalan children's song remembered by Francesc Candel; early rave culture on Central America's eastern seaboard.


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