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Posted: April 8th 2013 16:44. Last modified: April 9th 2013 15:07

HL Mencken responds.

Irene Rigau and visualizar

Posted: December 10th 2012 13:54. Last modified: December 10th 2012 14:01

Send her to prison by all means, but make Aleix Vidal-Quadras, Luís Soravilla and other ignorant pedants visit her in penance.

Silent, redundant H

Posted: December 5th 2012 10:50. Last modified: December 5th 2012 10:51

Where to put it and why.

Gerra civil Cataluña contra Calunya

Posted: November 7th 2012 13:15. Last modified: November 7th 2012 13:22

Activists who can't spell "war" with the paintbrush deserve to die by the sword, no? I think we've already established that schools should be teaching peepul how to write in whatever language they prefer, and that nations can go fuck themselves, so let's not go here: ... or here:

The new geography of X is not Y

Posted: June 14th 2012 16:15. Last modified: June 14th 2012 16:26

Berlin is not Bonn, Bonn was not Weimar.

A brief history of zoological shame

Posted: May 7th 2012 19:07. Last modified: May 7th 2012 19:11

Featuring a Spanish view of the Saxons.

Etimologia de “Munchkins”

Posted: April 27th 2012 21:10. Last modified: April 27th 2012 21:15

Es que eran munchos.

Spanish chat-up lines

Posted: March 25th 2012 11:25.

Hola guapa, ¿Asturias o trabajas? That's all for today.

Quién soy, quién somos

Posted: March 23rd 2012 09:52. Last modified: March 23rd 2012 10:08

Catalañol for qui sóc, qui som.

The semantics of the Catalan and Andalusian “ea”

Posted: March 12th 2012 22:56. Last modified: March 12th 2012 23:02

Negation without tears.

Needed, a ballad for the Olli Rehn empire

Posted: February 20th 2012 21:50. Last modified: February 23rd 2012 09:26

Featuring Umberto Eco on Orgasmus, an obscure Restoration Scottish nationalist on London, Mexico's revolutionary and narco-corridos, and Italian Renaissance bandit- and Camorra-praise poetry, all for the benefit of the European Union's commissar for provincial affairs.

Comer chez el Agüelo

Posted: January 24th 2012 14:39. Last modified: January 24th 2012 13:47

Los comensales: ¿Puedo mojar en tu huevo? Los postres: Gelat de framgüesa.

Why are the bulk of misspellings of Samuel Johnson (Jhonson) by South Asians and Spanish speakers?

Posted: January 17th 2012 20:45. Last modified: January 17th 2012 20:47

Curious that someone values someone else's wisdom enough to quote him, but not enough to spell his name correctly. Checking in Google Books, is it that the French, the Germans, etc don't (pretend to) read Johnson, don't care to confess it, prefer carefully constructed argument over appeals to authorities?

Chino de los mandados = errand boy

Posted: January 5th 2012 23:10. Last modified: January 5th 2012 23:52

Chinese because of his servility and/or size, or a genuine Indiana Jonesian Short Round? From Bogota, and perhaps relatively recent, but here (it reappeared) is Walter Silva from distant Casanare singing a sentimental but memorable ditty about how his mum etc looked after him when the store wouldn't put the groceries on the tab. Can […]

La lengua secreta de los cazadores

Posted: December 21st 2011 22:14. Last modified: December 21st 2011 22:21

--¿Cómo se llama un cerdo silvestre que acaba de salir del bosque? --¡Jaballí! Not one of mine. If you prefer your animal tame and stuffed, Lenox has a bull's head for you. I almost acquired one from a bar that was closing down, but there were parasites crawling out of its orifices.

Interchangeability of nominative and genitive forms of Spanish patronymics?

Posted: December 16th 2011 12:24. Last modified: December 16th 2011 13:03

I'm thinking of examples like Álvarez/Álvaro, Alves/ Alves, Benítez/Benito, Díaz/Diego, Domínguez/Domingo, Fernández/Fernando, Giménez/Ximeno, Gómez/Guillermo, González/Gonzalo, Gutiérrez/Gutierre, Henríquez/Henrique, Ibáñez/Juan, Juánez/Juan, López/Lope, Márquez/Marco, Martínez/Martín, Menéndez/Menendo, Muñoz/Muño, Núñez/Nuño, Ordóñez/Ordoño, Ortiz/Ortún, Peláez/Pelayo, Pérez/Pere, Ramírez/Ramiro, Rodríguez/Rodrigo, Ruiz/Ruy, Sánchez/Sancho, Suárez/Suero, Vázquez/Vasco, Velázquez/Velasco.

Vygos Cagados, a jingoistic Dutch print celebrating the Battle of Vigo Bay (1702)

Posted: November 16th 2011 23:53. Last modified: November 17th 2011 10:33

But why, and for whom, would a Dutchman pun on Vigo / figo (fig) when both spelling and pronunciation of the latter were long obsolete in standard Spanish?

Weird word-initial stress: ási

Posted: October 25th 2011 00:47. Last modified: October 25th 2011 10:59

I'm well aware of the whole ansí, ansina, asina, assí, etc etc business that preceded the standard así in contemporary mainstream peninsular usage, but I'm struggling to get my head round this particular version of the adverb. Perhaps they're transcription errors, though that strikes me as rather unlikely, particularly as I've also got a rather […]

Typhoon Buttocks?

Posted: October 2nd 2011 21:19. Last modified: October 2nd 2011 21:20

If only the Spanish nalga were also a Latin first declension noun.

An old Dutch A&E joke

Posted: September 23rd 2011 21:37. Last modified: October 20th 2011 16:09

And the abbot who thinks little of his neighbour the emperor's worldly ambitions.


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