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How many working Andalusians does it take to keep a fellow-countryman on the dole?

Posted: April 30th 2010 12:47. Last modified: April 30th 2010 12:49

More than some people think.

Kalebeul, voice of the voiceless

Posted: March 7th 2010 18:35. Last modified: March 9th 2010 14:34

Restores the power of speech to stricken Andalusians.

Seville “metro” about to commence operations?

Posted: March 6th 2009 09:44.

Du Guesclin expresses his doubts re this and other project objectives.

Fat kids moved to ground floor of Andalusian school to stop it falling down

Posted: February 19th 2009 15:14. Last modified: February 19th 2009 15:31

Spring is (almost) here, so it's time to take a stroll and inspect councils' stalled works programmes.

Seville safari

Posted: December 5th 2008 11:00. Last modified: December 5th 2008 10:41

A journey through the remains of Expo 92. At least it hasn't all been stolen, as tended to happen to unguarded buildings in Andalusia during the construction boom.

Phoney Spanish gypsy dancers at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York?

Posted: November 2nd 2008 20:38. Last modified: November 3rd 2008 07:32

The Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901 is now remembered mainly for the assassination of McKinley by a Polish-American anarchist follower of Emma Goldman. However it was yet another triumph for Thomas A Edison, Inc and its electric chairs, X-ray machines (McKinley might have survived had an Edison X-ray machine been allowed to locate the […]

Reconstruction of Puerta Osario, Seville

Posted: October 14th 2008 10:38.

Sevillanadas has photoshopped back into place one of the Moorish city's gates, demolished in 1868 by the same man who restored it twenty years earlier following a serious bout of generalised brotherly hate. Will it now be rebuilt?

TIME on Sanjurjo’s 1932 coup attempt

Posted: October 3rd 2008 08:18. Last modified: October 2nd 2008 12:31

Whoever wrote for them back them believed in providing kicks for his/her bucks: At daybreak in Huelva a sleepy police man named Joaquin Segovia was stopped by two cars, asked the way to Portugal. Officer Segovia raised his rifle. Without more ado General Sanjurjo hopped out of the first car, shook the policeman by the […]

Pillow dictionary

Posted: September 16th 2008 13:30. Last modified: September 16th 2008 13:33

Literally: When at Seville in 1809, Lord Byron lodged in the house of two unmarried ladies; and in his diary he describes himself as having made earnest love to the younger of them, with the help of a dictionary. "For some time," he says, " I went on prosperously, both as a linguist and a […]

Of prostitution in Spain

Posted: August 26th 2008 14:10. Last modified: August 26th 2008 14:03

Since both Spanish prostitution and Henry Mayhew came up yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to combine them and copy-paste from the excellent (though slow) Perseus database at Tufts the latter's view of the former. I assume his street prostitutes who "traffic for the bare means of subsistence and submit to any and every […]

Casanova warns Spanish authorities re sexual mores of “Swiss” immigrants to Sierra Morena , plus the etymology and origins of flamenco, and other items of interest

Posted: April 2nd 2008 11:54. Last modified: February 1st 2012 20:24

One of the many etymologies of flamenco is rather curious. From the typically poor Spanish-language entry in Wikipedia: Durante el siglo XVIII el asistente Olavide pretendió combatir el bandolerismo instaurando colonias de catolicos alemanes y flamencos (tenidos por disciplinados y laboriosos) en el Alto Guadalquivir. El fracaso de adaptación de muchos de ellos engrosó las […]

Return of the demon barber of Calais

Posted: August 9th 2007 14:59.

Such was the worldwide stir caused by my revelation that the Sweeney Todd story is at least a century older than previously thought that I know many of you will be impatient to read this new story of sinister stylists across the water. It's from a French tutor, Méthode rationnelle suivant pas à pas la […]

Banned language methods

Posted: July 11th 2007 16:20. Last modified: July 11th 2007 20:49

Foreign language tutors are quite common in lists of books banned by the Inquisition. Check for example this page in the 1844 Indice general de los libros prohibidos, which records the proscription in 1797 of a French-Spanish commercial correspondence course and of an English-Spanish conversation primer published in 1719 by the Anglican minister in Seville. […]

Regional variation in DYI Andalusian alcopops, and the origins and etymology of kalimotxo or calimocho or whatever

Posted: July 3rd 2007 13:33. Last modified: July 3rd 2007 13:43

A rebujito is a dry sherry (manzanilla, fino) or occasionally a white wine to which fizz (lemonades, ...) has been added, typically in a ratio of 1:2, in order to give you a head-start on the alcohol. This is the lite version of whichever British drink it is that has you knock back a third […]

Don’t shoot that hare

Posted: July 1st 2007 21:37. Last modified: July 1st 2007 21:41

El Niño de Tetuán singing fandangos (MP3s or him and a superb selection of others). We're probably talking early 1930s, but I don't know where--Seville or Jerez seems more likely than Tetuan :-): A esa liebre no tirarle cazaores de la sierra a esa liebra no tirarle porque está haciendo en la tierra madriguera pa […]

The oldest surname in the world

Posted: April 9th 2007 13:57. Last modified: April 21st 2007 14:50

Ramón J Sender's La tesis de Nancy is the account of an affair between strawman and strawwoman, in which Curro, Work, a part-gypsy ingénu-cynic from the Seville town of Alcalá de Guadaira "who devotes himself to the resale of bullfight tickets in the summer and to wine-tasting for the rest of the year" leaves Dutch […]

Founded by Hercules

Posted: April 1st 2007 18:00. Last modified: February 27th 2009 12:48

Alphabetical list (via GBS unless otherwise indicated), and with no particular attention paid to the Greek vs Lybian business, to the Roman/West Mediterranean cult, or to anything else for that matter: "ABDERA, ab-dé'-ra, a maritime city in Thrace" (Beeton's Classical Dictionary) Alesia, an ancient town of the Man« dubii in Gallia Lugdunensis, said to have […]

Imaginary correspondence between Ferdinand the Catholic and Suleyman the Magnificent

Posted: December 3rd 2006 21:48. Last modified: December 4th 2006 13:50

I've been merrily dilettanting away recently with a couple of literary robberies and forgeries, so it's good to see that Zazie over at cocanha found a really great one. What he has are extracts from a book published in 1842 in Porto, Portugal under the promising title, Cartas d'el Rei Don Fernando, O Catholico, a […]

Use of both ceceo and seseo by individual speakers without register distinction

Posted: December 3rd 2006 20:19. Last modified: December 3rd 2006 20:29

Noted the other day in the speech of a couple of elderly working class immigrants from Cádiz in the Poblenou district of Barcelona. Ceceo (the characteristic Andalusian lisp which assimilates /s/ and /θ/ to [θ]) has traditionally been considered socially inferior to seseo (assimilation to [s], associated particularly with Seville and New World dialects), as […]

Public brothel in Barcelona

Posted: July 10th 2006 07:48. Last modified: July 9th 2006 21:25

The public brothel opened in Cañet street in 1452 by Simon Sala with a licence from the king (see today's front page Libro Verde excerpt) seems to have been public in the sense of being licensed and providing a service to all and sundry rather than having been publicly owned and run. Here's more from […]


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