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Spain, la gran puta

Posted: October 30th 2008 19:02. Last modified: October 30th 2008 18:58

There are various explanations of Spanish anti-Americanism. The post-colonial hypothesis is popular: Spain is bitter about its loss of empire, its defeat in 1898, its not being invited to the G-whatever. An alternative hypothesis is that anti-Americanism is frustration arising from the idea that an implicit bilateral dollars-for-favours deal has been violated. In Luis Berlanga, […]

Mobile office

Posted: October 21st 2008 18:12. Last modified: October 21st 2008 18:14

I'm in transit quite a lot, and I like getting out of houses anyway, so I've built up a list of unofficial workspaces where I can pop in and do email and stuff free and without registering. This arty one is quite close: Down one hill and up another, it's ca 25 minutes on my […]

Reconstruction of Puerta Osario, Seville

Posted: October 14th 2008 10:38.

Sevillanadas has photoshopped back into place one of the Moorish city's gates, demolished in 1868 by the same man who restored it twenty years earlier following a serious bout of generalised brotherly hate. Will it now be rebuilt?

Pickpocket, Saturday market / Carterista, mercado del sábado, Vilafranca del Penedès

Posted: October 13th 2008 08:02. Last modified: January 13th 2009 21:38

español Vilafranca is a quiet country town, but the weekly market attracts an interesting range of pickpockets. Hopefully numbers will increase as the works in the main square are completed and the recession begins to bite. This lady put her hand into S's pocket at a vegetable stall: She works with another Latin American women […]

Italian elite regiment forced to climb Alps carrying bicycles and machine guns

Posted: October 6th 2008 07:53. Last modified: January 13th 2009 21:53

I know something of Belgian military bicycling bands. Here from 1909 is another photogenic but doomed military enterprise: Keep taking the drugs, Riccardo. The photo is from the November 1909 edition of Por esos mundos, which concluded that the French could beat the Germans, that the British had successively reformed their military following lessons learned […]

Coffin Joe vs Vicky Christina Barcelona

Posted: October 5th 2008 20:41. Last modified: October 5th 2008 23:19

Tommy Hilfiger Barcelona With a Lesbian Scene Featuring Penelope and Scarlett, as I think someone called it, got $3 million cash and substantial help in kind from local and regional government on the grounds that it would encourage people to study Catalan identity and then work in museums. Encarnação do Demônio credits unspecified assistance from […]

Multi-lingual, multi-cultural slow-change act

Posted: October 5th 2008 13:57.

Gerard Sety, via Raffaele de Ritis:

Coffin Joe and the King of Persia

Posted: October 3rd 2008 14:18. Last modified: October 3rd 2008 14:27

Off tomorrow midnight to Sitges to see this unusual item: ... with the gents who made this rather special thing: Funding is now being sought for a Pushtu-Yankee zombie epic that will change the course of the Afghan War. Contacts via the usual channels. As literary motif Zé do Caixão/Coffin Joe is a preincarnation of […]

August storm in la Manchuela district, on the Albacete/Cuenca border

Posted: September 19th 2008 12:30.

A beautiful sequence of photos, videos and radar images from nbsjose.

A Spaniard’s home is his castle … except when utilities are involved

Posted: September 18th 2008 17:06. Last modified: September 18th 2008 17:11

1) I harboured a vague suspicion that a neighbour was borrowing electricity from our connection, but the stubble-raising shock just received while fixing an extractor fan with the mains apparently turned off suggests that we may be borrowing from him. 2) As the shades of night fall, something resembling a snake in a cleft stick […]

Gimnasio full-contact

Posted: September 17th 2008 11:47. Last modified: September 17th 2008 12:07

Beware: a full-contact gym is not quite the same thing as a full-contact sauna. Stroking a karate expert and kicking a massage parlour worker may, nevertheless, have similar long-term consequences in terms of your dentistry needs and general sense of well-being.

Historical leak

Posted: September 9th 2008 10:10. Last modified: September 9th 2008 10:19

Up at what was originally a Civil War AA battery on Torre de la Rovira: In the early 1940s the installations were adopted and adapted by immigrant squatters who built 110 shanty dwellings, known as Los Cañones, on the steep slopes and in the old quarries around them. I believe these homes were demolished around […]

20 vital beach holiday photos

Posted: September 5th 2008 13:01.

A popular photography course, copied from a neighbourhood magazine produced by Alejandro Pérez, an enterprising Nou Barris estate agent, encountered on this walk: I imagine the Bayeux Tapestry was planned in similar fashion.

Che el cretino

Posted: September 4th 2008 11:20. Last modified: September 4th 2008 11:23

Kalebeul wouldn't watch a hagiography of a faghating totalitarian fuckwit like St Paul, so it sees no reason this weekend to take cinema seats away from Barcelona's chiliastic masses in their nostalgic lust for Hispanic dictators and good-looking saints. Paul Berman's piece from 2004 applies. Even the regime sociologists seem to have noticed that Cataloonia […]

Wall man

Posted: September 4th 2008 10:53. Last modified: September 4th 2008 10:57

Graffiti of Camarón de la Isla and guitarist, somewhere in Barcelona, I think in Carmelo, so overlooking the place where he died: More here. Kabe-Otoko/Wall Man, neither human nor demon, observes the world from within walls:

Romanian gypsy beggar dressed up as bilingual Arab beggar

Posted: September 2nd 2008 13:05. Last modified: September 2nd 2008 10:36

The "Tengo 4 ijos" is bit of a give-away. The calligraphic differential is impressive, and it's a shame some of the Arabic got marginalised. (On Hospital, Barcelona)

Se traspasa bar, no a españoles

Posted: September 2nd 2008 11:31. Last modified: May 12th 2009 20:50

Bar Los Baskos on Ramelleres, Barcelona: The interior is a curious clash of old CNT/anarchist graphics with neo-fascist skinhead children. I'm not particularly fond of the one or the other, but I quite like the bar. I suppose, not being Spanish, that I could buy it and turn it into a Hayek shrine. Not sure […]

Luna de almendras amargas

Posted: August 28th 2008 12:35. Last modified: August 28th 2008 12:37

So interested was one in the almonds: ... that one failed to see perceive twixt the branches: ... the incipient eclipse: Most of the almonds could have done with another week or two, but if we hadn't got there first, hordes of bloody Manchego pensioners would have shaken and whacked down every last one. The […]

Bonaparte moon

Posted: August 26th 2008 14:01.

A double reflection makes up the man who was born on the thirteenth day of the moon, lost his throne on the thirteenth day of the moon, and fought the battle of Waterloo on the thirteenth day of the moon: I wonder if Josephine's astrological babblings didn't cause Napoleon's natural military interest in the moon […]

Fecundity of rabbits in Spain

Posted: August 22nd 2008 16:17. Last modified: August 22nd 2008 16:19

With the vaguest of references to i-shepan-im here's Kirby's wonderful and scientific museum in 1820: The fecundity of the rabbit is truly astonishing ; it breeds seven times in the year, and generally produces eight young at a time ; from which it is calculated, that one pair may increase in the course of four […]


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