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Weird word-initial stress: ási

Posted: October 25th 2011 00:47. Last modified: October 25th 2011 10:59

I'm well aware of the whole ansí, ansina, asina, assí, etc etc business that preceded the standard así in contemporary mainstream peninsular usage, but I'm struggling to get my head round this particular version of the adverb. Perhaps they're transcription errors, though that strikes me as rather unlikely, particularly as I've also got a rather […]

Interesting hints on pronouncing the Urdu q

Posted: October 12th 2011 22:38. Last modified: October 12th 2011 22:59

Think of a bird or a bottle.

Londoners pronouncing Barça

Posted: May 29th 2011 20:00. Last modified: May 30th 2011 07:48

It's Barker vs Barser, but you can't blame the proto-Lebanese.

Call me Trebots

Posted: August 9th 2010 14:24. Last modified: August 17th 2010 12:56

A rather nice example of apocopation and suffixation in Catalan Spanish.

¡Tú imitas tan bien a los animales! ¿No serás … aztor?

Posted: July 30th 2010 11:59. Last modified: July 30th 2010 12:03

A phonological curiosity from coastal Cantabria, with speculation as to the supernatural powers of María Teresa Fernández de la Vega.

Chiquito de la Calzada’s trademark ‘rl’ suffix for words ending in ‘a’ or ‘o’

Posted: December 21st 2009 15:02. Last modified: December 23rd 2009 01:00

Is it a personal hiperandalucismo, or is there somewhere in Málaga where everyone speaks like this?

Spanish/French shibboleth commemorates the brief reign of Joseph Bonaparte

Posted: November 15th 2009 12:49. Last modified: November 15th 2009 12:51

Fill in the gaps in this pasquinade on the voiceless velar fricative, which I found last night in Mesonero Romanos' El antiguo Madrid: En la plaza hay un cartel Que nos dice en castellano Que José, rey italiano, Roba a España su dosel; Y al leer este cartel, Dijo una maja a su majo: --Manolo, […]


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