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Hand-made corporate logos

Posted: May 12th 2009 20:55.

If phone companies don't provide window stickers, Pakistani shopkeepers may have a go themselves.

Tantalisingly facked

Posted: March 22nd 2009 22:14. Last modified: March 22nd 2009 22:16

OCB's Black Thinking brand launches a startling new ambient campaign.

Sun setting over tourist bars in Barcelona

Posted: March 17th 2009 07:14. Last modified: March 17th 2009 07:23

Where are the heaving (crowds of) drunks of yesteryear?

Crisisssss – 4 fuets for 5€

Posted: March 14th 2009 08:59. Last modified: March 14th 2009 09:59

Stallholders in Vilafranca del Penedès are slashing prices, but don't let greed get the better of you.

“Palermo’s history is marked by the multitude of conquerors and subsequent cultures that settled there”

Posted: February 13th 2009 15:39.

Cruise companies don't appear to regard original copy as an important differentiating factor.

Mattress sales down

Posted: December 16th 2008 09:57.

Figures from the International Sleep Products Association show the economy is hitting the mattress industry pretty hard, so where are smart people keeping their money now that deaky little hiding place in the hedge is gone?

The Spanish media and Madoff’s Jewishness

Posted: December 14th 2008 14:33.

I looked a while back at allegations of a Spanish media obsession with Israel and concluded that they were without basis in fact. Someone of similar political views to the reactionary squatter hooligan leader, Joan Txàpal, said to me last night that the Spanish press would be all over Bernie Madoff's Jewishness. The numbers at […]

How the políticos screwed DVB-T in Spain

Posted: November 1st 2008 11:20.

Check out this good short piece by Pedro Soria-Rodriguez on how for party political ends Spanish national and regional government have ensured that DVB-T/TDT will not increase choice for consumers. This is not a direct issue for me--I only see the telly in Spain in bars (the same applies in France and the UK)--but it's […]

Tolstoy’s finch, linnet mania, and a false etymology of “shibboleth”

Posted: October 26th 2008 21:25. Last modified: January 13th 2009 21:55

The following description of birdsong contests is taken from Josep Pla's brilliant anecdotography of Rafael Puget, Un señor de Barcelona, and is mid- to late-19th century (): Singing competitions A fondness for birdsong has existed in Manlleu, Barcelona province for as far back as my memory reaches. The "Societat d'aucellistes", the Society of Bird-Fanciers, is […]

Enterprising Romanian gypsy beggar

Posted: October 15th 2008 14:19. Last modified: October 15th 2008 14:21

Crouched on the street with the usual placard. A granny passes: --5 cents, for the love of God! --Sorry, no. --Well then let me give you a lucky gypsy kiss! (Leaps up and embraces the granny, despite her protests.) --Oh all right then. Wait, I want to give you 20 cents. --Thanks, I've already got […]

“El AVE cotiza al alza en el down jones de los transportes”

Posted: October 14th 2008 10:15.

Francesc Peirón and his Vanguardia editors don't know the name of the world's most famous stock market index. "Down Jones" is used jokingly for "Dow Jones" when the market is falling (it's up this morning) and in suppressing the Legitimate National Aspirations of the Welsh Race (we have none).

Teaching standard variants of Spanish

Posted: October 13th 2008 11:49. Last modified: October 13th 2008 11:55

Carlos Muñoz of the Institut Libre Marie Haps in Brussels laments (a) the decline in prestige and airtime within Spain suffered by the standard, educated, Madrilenian accent of Spanish, and (b) the lack of phonetic consistency exhibited by model speakers of the more specifically regional accents which have to a certain extent replaced it. He […]

Pickpocket, Saturday market / Carterista, mercado del sábado, Vilafranca del Penedès

Posted: October 13th 2008 08:02. Last modified: January 13th 2009 21:38

español Vilafranca is a quiet country town, but the weekly market attracts an interesting range of pickpockets. Hopefully numbers will increase as the works in the main square are completed and the recession begins to bite. This lady put her hand into S's pocket at a vegetable stall: She works with another Latin American women […]

New piano shopping Calvary

Posted: October 9th 2008 15:21. Last modified: October 9th 2008 15:37

Barcelona. Shop no 1 is closed at 11:30, well within its normal opening hours. The iron street blinds are down and there's no message posted, so I walk across town to shop no 2. Yes, no problem, pay now and we'll confirm the delivery date in a moment. The call comes a couple of hours […]

“Zapatero announces a bank deposit guarantee of €100,000 per saver”

Posted: October 8th 2008 17:18.

Man: What's that? Woman: A bank deposit guarantee? Man: No, a saver?

Spanish sovereign debt default

Posted: October 8th 2008 10:54. Last modified: October 8th 2008 13:23

It now seems that Iceland has defaulted, apparently believing Russia will be foolish enough to attempt to protect what's left of its cod against ETA trawlers from Bilbao. Spain is not going down that road, at least not yet, but one of the more-quoted papers on the subject (De Paoli, Hoggarth & Saporta, Cost of […]

Barcelona Andalusian bar on Zapatero’s €100K savings guarantee

Posted: October 7th 2008 20:02.

Elderly client: So what's that in pesetas then? Barman struggles for a moment with a calculator: 601.01. Client: Not bad.

Hypo Real State

Posted: October 6th 2008 19:56. Last modified: February 26th 2010 07:49

Spelled-out evidence suggesting that Expansión, La Vanguardia and various other established Spanish newspapers' international financial experts may actually know uck all about their subject.

Barcelona’s greatest Dutch pop star

Posted: September 26th 2008 12:51. Last modified: September 25th 2008 09:55

Siegfried Anton den Boer/Siegfried Andre Den Boer Kramer/Anthony van den Boer/Tony Ronald/Tonny Ronald etc, born Arnhem 1941/1943/1944, permanently resident in Barcelona from 1959/1960, recording nevertheless in Holland in Dutch and German until 1963, either has the best or the worst memory in the world. Here's his 1971 summer hit, Help!, in Spanish: ... and in […]

Kuluska in Shanghai, first Basque tavern in China

Posted: September 23rd 2008 12:44.

And, judging by the envious comments on Facebook, possibly the first in Southeast Asia: One of the mysteries of globalisation is that I spend quite a lot of time at the moment writing for Chinese exporters. The first foreign I learnt as a kid was fragments of Cantonese. Maybe I'll get a chance to check […]


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