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Who cares about education when you’ve got lotteries, lotteries, lotteries!

Posted: December 22nd 2010 16:30. Last modified: December 23rd 2010 13:02

La Vanguardia's editors appear to think that the Supreme Court's decision to officially re-introduce Spanish into schools is considerably less important for the future of Barcelona than today's gambling results.

Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española

Posted: October 28th 2010 20:37. Last modified: October 28th 2010 23:13

Why I'll probably be sticking with the Biblioteca Virtual del Señor Licenciado Pero Pérez.

Factual or fucktual?

Posted: November 23rd 2009 18:50. Last modified: November 23rd 2009 19:03

Humiliating linguistic error in PR for Arcadi Espada's new online newspaper

Towards a noun-free Southern Europe

Posted: November 18th 2008 19:28. Last modified: January 13th 2009 21:31

Tim the Translator is not happy with a diktat on non-sexist language issued by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, which includes a recommendation to use passive reflexive (which may well be distinct from reflexive passive) constructs like "it will be ruled judicially..." in order to avoid discriminatory acts like "the judge [m] will rule...". He […]


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