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Upper case V vs B

Posted: August 4th 2015 10:13. Last modified: August 12th 2015 08:44

A little blackletter prob.

Goethe, responsible for Victorian pteridomania?

Posted: February 15th 2011 08:32. Last modified: February 15th 2011 11:29

The disastrous horticultural consequences of fucked literary translation.

Nick Clegg’s Spanish

Posted: June 19th 2010 21:41. Last modified: June 20th 2010 09:19

Includes several therapeutic tongue-twisters.

Spanish, most popular elective extra-curricular language in English higher education

Posted: April 7th 2010 13:36.

Now ahead of French, while German is being overtaken by Chinese.

Binding referendum on the future of Catalonia, hosted by Kalebeul

Posted: February 24th 2010 08:38.

In response to confusion in the markets re Spain's constitutional arrangements and the size and distribution of its public debt, kaleBirthday has, remarkably, gained the consent of the Catalan, Spanish and EU administrations to conduct a binding poll on the future of the troubled region. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

The Lutheran conspiracy against Spain

Posted: February 19th 2010 01:08. Last modified: February 19th 2010 22:11

With the Anglo-Saxon plot in tatters and Jewish machinations a non-starter, some strategic paranoia for Mr Zapatero. (Like: Is Mendelssohn's Elijah a secret weapon of German subversion?)

Catalan language policy: Marxist, Stalinist, Francoist or fascist?

Posted: January 27th 2010 16:40. Last modified: January 27th 2010 16:50

The precedents for, and some possible implications of, the Catalanisation of Barcelona's cinemas. Plus some crowd-pleasing video of the Quebec language police in action. (Allez! Allez! Allez! And the hell with the economy!) All in somewhat fevered response to an article by Martin Dahms in the Tages-Anzeiger.

More Nordic body culture in Barcelona

Posted: January 11th 2010 08:54. Last modified: January 11th 2010 08:55

There's nothing your neighbourhood phenotype dream team can't fix.

Big window, little world

Posted: December 14th 2009 09:07.

Sharing with the collective.

Son of a broker

Posted: October 9th 2009 11:06.

A Dutch compliment becomes a French insult.

Mysterious Zaragoza nights

Posted: September 17th 2009 13:45. Last modified: September 17th 2009 13:47

Between-wars texts about Zaragoza by Germans who appear never to have visited the place.

More evidence of increasing popularity of Spanish in Europe

Posted: August 16th 2009 13:11. Last modified: August 16th 2009 13:15

And a quick trawl of Spanish collections of phonetic equivalents, the closest many of the natives get to learning a foreign language.

Mosquitoes, alcohol and violence

Posted: August 13th 2009 14:14. Last modified: August 13th 2009 14:23

A Catalan children's song remembered by Francesc Candel; early rave culture on Central America's eastern seaboard.

Spidy Wasch

Posted: June 29th 2009 11:45. Last modified: June 30th 2009 18:48

A bit of free association, or rambling, as it is more widely known.

Elections (brothels, Nazis), corruption, Girona airport shuttle, an Andalusian lexicon

Posted: June 5th 2009 13:21. Last modified: June 6th 2009 21:43

Link love for 05/06/2009.

Link sink for 25/05/2009

Posted: May 25th 2009 22:21. Last modified: May 25th 2009 22:33

Hell, no one reads my Greader feed anyway.

Silvio Gesell disciple in Barcelona

Posted: November 12th 2008 14:33. Last modified: November 12th 2008 15:07

In my mail this morning: someone calling himself Miguel Yasuki Hirota is giving a talk on complementary currencies for sustainable development at 19:30 on the 15th at Argentona 11. Gugel reveals that "Miguel" is a fan of the author of The natural economic order, of whom almost everyone's favourite (since last month, anyway) liberal fascist […]

Italian elite regiment forced to climb Alps carrying bicycles and machine guns

Posted: October 6th 2008 07:53. Last modified: January 13th 2009 21:53

I know something of Belgian military bicycling bands. Here from 1909 is another photogenic but doomed military enterprise: Keep taking the drugs, Riccardo. The photo is from the November 1909 edition of Por esos mundos, which concluded that the French could beat the Germans, that the British had successively reformed their military following lessons learned […]

Barcelona’s greatest Dutch pop star

Posted: September 26th 2008 12:51. Last modified: September 25th 2008 09:55

Siegfried Anton den Boer/Siegfried Andre Den Boer Kramer/Anthony van den Boer/Tony Ronald/Tonny Ronald etc, born Arnhem 1941/1943/1944, permanently resident in Barcelona from 1959/1960, recording nevertheless in Holland in Dutch and German until 1963, either has the best or the worst memory in the world. Here's his 1971 summer hit, Help!, in Spanish: ... and in […]

Beware gypsies bearing gods

Posted: September 14th 2008 15:59. Last modified: November 2nd 2011 23:00

The Santa Majestat in Caldes de Montbui.


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