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Langston Hughes in Spain

Posted: October 1st 2011 17:51. Last modified: October 1st 2011 18:08

Idealism vs realism as a Stalinist hack copes with the Italian bombing of Barcelona but struggles to explain why Moorish peasants are slaughtering Spanish workers in the battle for Madrid.

Garzón and the Batman theory of justice

Posted: April 13th 2010 13:34. Last modified: April 14th 2010 11:44

The relative awfulness of, and defining differences between, English and Spanish justice.

The lurch and fall of the Almería coast

Posted: September 5th 2009 11:04. Last modified: September 5th 2009 11:11

Excerpts from Juan Goytisolo and Ramón Fernández Palmeral, with an epitaph from George Orwell.

I met man who almost killed Orwell

Posted: April 1st 2008 08:11.

Sez No Good Boyo: "If you'd known who he was, would you have killed him?" "Of course. He was fifth-columnist, Trotsky-Maxtonite traitor to worker class. My boys would have tattooed hammer and sickle on his head with bullets. We had many. Soviet economy strong."

Some more sun goddesses

Posted: January 16th 2008 14:48. Last modified: May 12th 2009 19:02

The other day I did a libertarian Raval tour with a particularly dangerous Californian sociologist, and we got onto Orwell's apparent incapacity to see the most recent civil war as anything but a class conflict betrayed. This despite ethnic-based stuff like the vicious mini-civil war between Catalan fascists associated with Estat Català and self-described communist […]

Madrid & bilingualism

Posted: March 6th 2006 22:03. Last modified: March 7th 2006 16:42

Jordi's got a post about the excellent (sez me, not he) work being done by the Community of Madrid (the regional authority) to foment bilingualism in Latin America in order to improve the chances of the poor. Any chance of some finance for Spanish-language education in Catalonia, if the Generalitat won't oblige?

Troop withdrawal a Spanish favour to the US?

Posted: January 11th 2006 16:19.

Catalan separatists seem to have little to fear from the Spanish army as reviewed by Paul Bremer (via Jordi Orwell ).

Ratzinger’s uniform fetish

Posted: December 8th 2005 18:11.

The Guardia Civil isn't quite the same as Hitler Youth, but I guess Jordi's just enjoying his holiday.

Kit wit

Posted: November 22nd 2005 15:04. Last modified: November 22nd 2005 15:37

Ian Llorens has found the solution to Spain's constitutional crisis. Unfortunately he also wants to ban sombreros on the Ramblas. Ian, if Catalonia ain't Spain then it must be Mexico, so get over it. (Ian links to Andrew Minh, who has discovered an "international fetish model" called Eric Blare. We'll try to keep George Orwell […]

Anti-social behaviour

Posted: September 13th 2005 17:01.

The incompetent nutters who run Barcelona in the daytime say that the drunks and thieves who run it at night are products of globalisation, leading Jordi Orwell to infer that it's all Bush's fault. I'm still blaming Charles III.

The minister’s knickers

Posted: June 30th 2005 18:22. Last modified: April 14th 2010 10:26

"The Parallel has tree faces," writes Max Aub in Campo cerrado, "day, night, and Sunday morning." The Parallel--crammed with artistes and whores--was a key location in the rise of the anarchist gangsters for whom Orwell fought, yet the Church of England's favourite anarchist seems to have missed it and various other crucial locations on the […]

Men in frocks

Posted: June 17th 2005 18:23. Last modified: June 17th 2005 18:52

I'm right there (well, kind of) with Jordi Orwell, David Millán, and (really!) Francesc Ferrer on (sorry, against) the "Save the Family From Men in Frocks" demo. I can understand why the PP is promoting this ridiculous enterprise: they lost the last elections because they supported liberty abroad and have come to the natural but […]

Mad Raffa

Posted: June 2nd 2005 14:49.

My old mate Rafael Ramos is making stuff up again, says Jordi Orwell.

Fanciabulls from the NYPL image database

Posted: March 20th 2005 17:53. Last modified: March 20th 2005 18:14

Catalan soldier with serpent; clearly not a trombone; Filipino guardia de vino; Catalan forge (definition, process (PDF)); Catalan knobbing furnace; Barcelona man goes to war; Garrotxa volcanoes; Catalan miqueletes; pre-Orwell Catalan barber; seasickness in Spanish Caribbean; Madrilenian crypto-Jews; Hebrew marriage contract, Gibraltar, 1826; bull kills mayor of Torrejón.

They’re coming to take me away

Posted: April 4th 2004 23:47. Last modified: November 4th 2013 11:33

Cars and chariots of death.

Burying Bakunin

Posted: February 4th 2004 17:16. Last modified: June 27th 2007 09:35

Homage to Catalonia achieved the double-whammy of focusing attention on the Stalinist terror that followed the 1937 coup while whitewashing the merciless anarchist repression here in 1936. With the heroic optimism that often accompanies foreign jaunts, Orwell seems to have approved wholeheartedly--although never in public, my dears!--of the slaughter or exile of the Catalan clergy […]

Digging up Orwell

Posted: February 4th 2004 16:50. Last modified: October 5th 2005 23:31

Orwell biographer DJ Taylor wants to dig up the common of Southwold, a quiet Suffolk seaside resort, in order to find a time capsule that Orwell allegedly buried there 70 years ago. If found, I suspect that it will not contain a bucket and spade.

Bestiaries (ii): Llull and Orwell

Posted: January 18th 2004 00:13. Last modified: March 22nd 2009 15:53

Through the serpent have come all evils in the world.

Reflets sur l’eau

Posted: October 21st 2003 10:21. Last modified: October 5th 2005 23:31

When we went down to the beach last Saturday to see how much of it had survived last week's storms, a little old man was sitting on the wooden decking of the walkway drinking beer. We sat next to him and exchanged pleasantries while he finished one can and opened another. Thus emboldened, our Cordovan […]

Ooh I really hate that Tony Blair, by Rafael Ramos

Posted: August 27th 2003 06:55. Last modified: October 5th 2005 23:29

Those of you with a memory longer than those interesting socks your boss is wearing this morning may remember that I pointed out in May that Rafael Ramos, La Vanguardia's correspondent in London, appeared to be semi-literate, prone to invention, and a plagiarist. When I complained to the paper's ombudsman, Josep Maria Casasús, he emailed […]


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