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Presenting authorial & editorial notes in a Kindle edition of a 16th century bilingual text

Posted: August 30th 2011 11:48. Last modified: September 4th 2011 23:05

Hints gratefully received...

A tribute to the Valencian work ethic

Posted: April 15th 2011 15:45. Last modified: April 15th 2011 16:22

Featuring my draft recording of "El dilluns jo no treballe", with various other European "7 days lazy" songs.

The Hispanic Orthography Files, continued

Posted: April 9th 2011 20:16. Last modified: April 17th 2011 20:43

Plus a zarzuela/politics RFI.

Competing Amazigh and Arabic etymologies of “beur”

Posted: April 24th 2010 00:46. Last modified: April 25th 2010 11:33

And "beurette," of course, this being the Year of Zahia Dehar, who sounds like she may escape from being shagged up the bum by Pierre Woodman.

Spanish, most popular elective extra-curricular language in English higher education

Posted: April 7th 2010 13:36.

Now ahead of French, while German is being overtaken by Chinese.

Regional government doesn’t have to be a hysterical disaster

Posted: April 1st 2010 14:49. Last modified: April 1st 2010 15:21

Georges Frêche in Languedoc-Roussillon: If possible with Paris, if necessary without Paris, but never against Paris.

Born, not made

Posted: February 16th 2010 23:09. Last modified: February 16th 2010 23:13

The Spanish, making progress with a backlog of untranslated English snowclones?

100 best lycées in France

Posted: February 2nd 2010 13:30. Last modified: February 3rd 2010 18:27

A Google Maps/Le Figaro mashup.

Catalan language policy: Marxist, Stalinist, Francoist or fascist?

Posted: January 27th 2010 16:40. Last modified: January 27th 2010 16:50

The precedents for, and some possible implications of, the Catalanisation of Barcelona's cinemas. Plus some crowd-pleasing video of the Quebec language police in action. (Allez! Allez! Allez! And the hell with the economy!) All in somewhat fevered response to an article by Martin Dahms in the Tages-Anzeiger.

Spanish/French shibboleth commemorates the brief reign of Joseph Bonaparte

Posted: November 15th 2009 12:49. Last modified: November 15th 2009 12:51

Fill in the gaps in this pasquinade on the voiceless velar fricative, which I found last night in Mesonero Romanos' El antiguo Madrid: En la plaza hay un cartel Que nos dice en castellano Que José, rey italiano, Roba a España su dosel; Y al leer este cartel, Dijo una maja a su majo: --Manolo, […]

Carmen de España

Posted: November 11th 2009 14:45. Last modified: November 11th 2009 20:33

A not particularly serious assault on Prosper Mérimée.

Jingoistic poem celebrating the Battle of Vigo Bay (1702)

Posted: November 3rd 2009 23:35. Last modified: November 3rd 2009 23:37

Half roasted Frenchmen, some o'er Gratings Broil'd/Do mix with Spaniards in the Sea parboil'd;

Son of a broker

Posted: October 9th 2009 11:06.

A Dutch compliment becomes a French insult.

Rhyme vs reason

Posted: October 4th 2009 18:05. Last modified: October 4th 2009 18:24

Restif de la Bretonne goes one step beyond Shakespeare and says that poetry is the language of Gods and beasts, and that reason speaks in prose.

Pan di Spagna?

Posted: September 29th 2009 17:52. Last modified: September 29th 2009 17:55

A Sicilian says it ain't.

The cycling Cartesian

Posted: March 1st 2009 17:19.

If you haven't got a head, you're going to need some legs.

The colonisation of Paris

Posted: February 11th 2009 08:53.

A fascinating ethnic map of 1920 Paris, and the suggestion that the metropolis was colonised by the provinces rather than vice versa.

Eye and Hand of Fatima on gypsy door in Perpignan

Posted: December 7th 2008 12:41. Last modified: April 13th 2009 23:57

Efforts have been made to erase a sticker of a member of the Incredible Hulk clan. Superimposed on the wooden cross of the door, what a formidable Trinity that would have been! (Anglocabrones often say the eye belongs to Providence. Whatever.) Sometimes the Eye and the Hand are combined in one icon, as in this […]

Que la lumière soit!

Posted: March 17th 2004 00:04. Last modified: May 11th 2009 08:15

Good news from Glasgow, which not only has a public lighting strategy but a convener who can speak French, which doubtless comes in useful when enjoying well-earned meetings in foreign districts where the illumination is of revolutionary hue: GLASGOW councillors are to get French lessons to help them cope with formal visits across the Channel. […]


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