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Spanish customs

Posted: September 8th 2012 23:09. Last modified: September 8th 2012 23:27

As viewed from a Hampshire country pub.

Garzón and the Batman theory of justice

Posted: April 13th 2010 13:34. Last modified: April 14th 2010 11:44

The relative awfulness of, and defining differences between, English and Spanish justice.

Spanish, most popular elective extra-curricular language in English higher education

Posted: April 7th 2010 13:36.

Now ahead of French, while German is being overtaken by Chinese.

The right and the wrong type of snow, according to Avicenna, Aristotle and Plutarch

Posted: February 11th 2010 00:19. Last modified: February 11th 2010 07:40

With an excerpt from a plea for more state funding by the Bostonian Western Rail-road, in which we are given to understand that snow is not necessarily a bad thing.

Portrait of the artist as a jam-jar

Posted: January 19th 2010 08:05. Last modified: January 19th 2010 08:06

And of a great British pub landlord, Juan from Málaga.

Jingoistic poem celebrating the Battle of Vigo Bay (1702)

Posted: November 3rd 2009 23:35. Last modified: November 3rd 2009 23:37

Half roasted Frenchmen, some o'er Gratings Broil'd/Do mix with Spaniards in the Sea parboil'd;

El gallito inglés / le coq anglais

Posted: September 15th 2009 16:47. Last modified: February 2nd 2010 22:41

Proud English cock, limp Latin hen: the binary opposition of English and Spanish fowls as a metaphor for the contrast between growing British military might and declining Spanish power.

Roddy Doyle’s niggers of Europe explained

Posted: September 2nd 2009 21:40.

Don't claim national origins for yourselves without very carefully considering the possible consequences.

The great Catalan gunpowder swindle

Posted: December 15th 2008 11:18. Last modified: February 27th 2009 22:00

As the evenings draw in, the Arenys de Mar sensimilla syndicate has taken time off from the plantation to post another shambling Gran Armada-wreck of nationalist historical revisionism. (It's dated 2006, but this is the first time it's turned up in my reader, so...) As is customary, our scenario is back-to-the-future: a massive 15th century […]


Posted: August 13th 2004 00:23. Last modified: April 19th 2009 21:59

"You call it a bat, but I call it a fluttermouse."


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