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Decadent graffiti art at nursery entrance in Carmelo, Barcelona

Posted: January 18th 2010 15:36. Last modified: January 18th 2010 15:45

The artist speaks.

More Nordic body culture in Barcelona

Posted: January 11th 2010 08:54. Last modified: January 11th 2010 08:55

There's nothing your neighbourhood phenotype dream team can't fix.

Male prostitute waiting for business in Park Güell

Posted: September 21st 2009 20:30.

It's all a question of taste and budget in Gaudy's famous Parky Gay, just up the road from the Sangria Familia.

Farewell, hostess. Farewell Doll.

Posted: April 28th 2009 14:34.

Or, the dangers of imbibing Coke in the long grass. Pay the musicians, sirrah.

Video: cat vs pigeon

Posted: April 27th 2009 08:42. Last modified: April 27th 2009 08:46

Will the pigeon get the cat's food, or will the cat get the pigeon?

Keep dogs under close control

Posted: April 22nd 2009 13:56.

And whatever you do don't let them loose in fields containing horses.

On-line fraud

Posted: April 19th 2009 22:33.

Birdies that ain't.

Homeless Jonah about to be devoured by a great 100€-plated fish

Posted: April 17th 2009 17:37. Last modified: April 17th 2009 18:35

But will an ecclesiastical trawler turn it into cat food first?

Bleeding-heart hippy

Posted: March 27th 2009 12:18. Last modified: March 27th 2009 12:34

Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Teresa de Jesús, Carmelo, Barcelona.

Misspent lunch with the birds

Posted: March 21st 2009 16:54. Last modified: March 21st 2009 21:39

I hope to post interviews and analysis soon.

What happens to bars that don’t win the lottery

Posted: February 9th 2009 13:20. Last modified: February 9th 2009 13:29

A special offer on meat balls with cuttlefish will have to do until the wheel of fortune creaks in their direction.

Barcelona council, digging residents into a hole

Posted: December 13th 2008 18:03. Last modified: December 13th 2008 18:05

Check out this piece by Nicholas Mead on the thorough screwing the impoverished Carmel district of Barcelona is receiving from the socialist council in alliance with developers. It's ironic that many of the same socialists jumped up and down with glee when local lad Juan Marsé won some writing prize or other. One can safely […]


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