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How to grow enough mustard for a salad from seed in two hours

Posted: June 23rd 2011 17:31. Last modified: June 23rd 2011 17:32

Ingredients: a horse, a fire, seed.


Posted: September 29th 2009 13:38.

Can someone work out from this steaming pool of verbal diarrhea if they're loading the donkey down with GPS recorders etc and then letting it go wherever it wants? Now that would be really interesting. Er, not, actually. [Whatever happened to Deirdre (?) and the donkey and cart with which she made her way from […]

Caption of the month

Posted: April 2nd 2004 21:41.

... accompanies this photo of a meeting of the Catalan Communists (PSUC viu (sic)) out in Mollet. "The public filled the hall," it says.

el ruc autòcton català és el millor de l’espècie al món

Posted: December 24th 2003 13:51.

Ernest Benach en la seva utopia, demostrant que el surrealisme no és el domini exclusiu dels cosmopolites.

Brat’s wurst and Mr Aldea’s salchicha

Posted: October 15th 2003 13:54. Last modified: March 19th 2009 19:02

The joy of the poor is brief,/My friends, how soon it's past!/Just when everything's going so well,/The donkey breathes its last.


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