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The Babel fish and the existence of God revisited

Posted: April 13th 2011 15:56. Last modified: April 14th 2011 21:40

Does St Salvator of Horta's geo-sensitive (Catalan-Basque) miracle cure for a deaf-mute girl open a logical loophole in Godless Adams' argument?

Recentralising Spain’s health care system

Posted: August 12th 2010 17:12. Last modified: August 12th 2010 17:18

The gov that dares not speak its name.

How many working Andalusians does it take to keep a fellow-countryman on the dole?

Posted: April 30th 2010 12:47. Last modified: April 30th 2010 12:49

More than some people think.

Catalan language policy: Marxist, Stalinist, Francoist or fascist?

Posted: January 27th 2010 16:40. Last modified: January 27th 2010 16:50

The precedents for, and some possible implications of, the Catalanisation of Barcelona's cinemas. Plus some crowd-pleasing video of the Quebec language police in action. (Allez! Allez! Allez! And the hell with the economy!) All in somewhat fevered response to an article by Martin Dahms in the Tages-Anzeiger.

Mosquitoes, alcohol and violence

Posted: August 13th 2009 14:14. Last modified: August 13th 2009 14:23

A Catalan children's song remembered by Francesc Candel; early rave culture on Central America's eastern seaboard.

Yet another St George’s day rose disaster

Posted: April 23rd 2009 22:11. Last modified: April 23rd 2009 22:16

Don't try to force feminism on women.

Aragón = libre!!

Posted: March 10th 2009 15:27.

But of what?

The great Catalan gunpowder swindle

Posted: December 15th 2008 11:18. Last modified: February 27th 2009 22:00

As the evenings draw in, the Arenys de Mar sensimilla syndicate has taken time off from the plantation to post another shambling Gran Armada-wreck of nationalist historical revisionism. (It's dated 2006, but this is the first time it's turned up in my reader, so...) As is customary, our scenario is back-to-the-future: a massive 15th century […]

Bologna baloney: Barcelona student protestors are either mad or stupid

Posted: November 21st 2008 10:26. Last modified: November 21st 2008 11:18

Barcelona students are occupying universities and fighting with police in a titanic life and death struggle against the prostitution of universities to Capital. Meanwhile Google UK news produces only five ghits for "Bologna Declaration", three of which are in English, one of which concerns the accord signed in 1999 and designed to make it easier […]

Obscure Spanish footie team told to get rid of Cross of St George on alternative kit

Posted: November 16th 2008 23:05.

Apparently it might incite violence. Particularly, one suspects, if the directors of the taxpayer-funded Permanent Seminar on International Migration and Foreigners ("an open space for Interculturality and Human Rights") in Aragon attend home matches of SD Huesca, whose major achievement to date was fifth place in the Second Division in the 1950-1 season. Via Miguel […]

Revisionist version of September 11 1714

Posted: September 10th 2008 14:43. Last modified: September 10th 2008 14:58

Here's what Ciudadanos thinks you should know about the fall of Barcelona in 1714, mourned tomorrow by nationalists with silly flags, bad music and vandalism of ATM machines: On September 11 a commemoration takes place of the surrender of the city of Barcelona in 1714, following the declaration of war made by the Catalan Parliament […]

Justo Bueno chiselled out of historical memory

Posted: May 6th 2008 17:02. Last modified: January 29th 2009 17:08

The mysterious disappearance of an anarchist serial killer from the Catalan version of the Valle de los Caídos.

Final victory of the Catalans and Aragonese with their Turkish allies over the Duke of Athens

Posted: March 20th 2008 13:10. Last modified: February 27th 2009 22:52

Expedición de Catalanes y Aragoneses al Oriente: Fué batalla muy terrible y sangrienta, y duró mas el alcance y el matar, que el vencimiento; porque en siendo muerto el Duque, y empantanadas las primeras tropas de la caballería, hubo gran desorden en lo restante del exército enemigo, con que fué facil el rompelle. Ganada tan […]

Welcome to the internet, folks

Posted: November 22nd 2007 11:51. Last modified: November 22nd 2007 12:07

Javier López (Estella, Navarra) and Amando de Miguel are unable to locate alcanduz in any dictionary. I think they mean a tree dictionary, because, see, there's this thing called Google. The definition given in Webster's English to Aragonese Crosswork Puzzles is "sewer", so maybe the socialists in La Rioja were hoping to highlight problems with […]

Desde que te perdí

Posted: October 4th 2007 13:04. Last modified: October 4th 2007 13:10

Folks seem to be going through a Kevin Johansen phase. Argentine music tends to Yankee-hating-up-Manu-Chao’s-arse bollocks, but “el Hugh Hefner Aragonés” is interesting and amusing:

Aragon, maddest part of Spain

Posted: September 16th 2007 17:27. Last modified: September 16th 2007 18:09

Mr. T. was struck with the number of lunaticks confined in the several provinces of Spain:

Time capsule

Posted: September 15th 2007 15:19. Last modified: September 15th 2007 15:49

Just found in a cabinet in an uninhabited house in the central Pyrenees: a concealed drawer that doesn't appear to have been touched since the 1960s. Contents: a will from 1818; pages dealing with testaments torn a reprint of a revised (1930s?) version of the Spanish 1888-9 Civil Code, including annotations detailing regional variations (in […]

Useless allegedly Aragonese animal proverb

Posted: August 4th 2007 18:04.

Follow a donkey and you will find your village. Follow a goat and you will fall off a cliff.


Posted: June 30th 2007 12:50.

Yes, I know that modern Aragonese ultra-nationalists aren't quite the same as old German ultra-nationalists, but that c/z swap does look rather unfortunate, doesn't it.

Communal herding arrangements in the Pyrenees

Posted: June 14th 2007 20:58. Last modified: June 14th 2007 21:05

The sheep and goats above have just arrived back in Plan from low pastures to spend the summer in the mountains, rather like schoolchildren coming back from a language exchange. Joaquín Costa's Colectivismo agrario en España (1898), available in full on Corde, contains a number of accounts of communal herding arrangements in the Pyrenees: The […]


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