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Leonardo Da Vinci’s plagiarism of la Moreneta almost foretold

Posted: November 21st 2012 11:55. Last modified: November 21st 2012 12:13

Pío Baroja got pretty damn close to the Catalunacy of José Luis Espejo in La dama errante.

The semantics of the Catalan and Andalusian “ea”

Posted: March 12th 2012 22:56. Last modified: March 12th 2012 23:02

Negation without tears.

Fermín Salvochea, a successful comedy writer aged 1?

Posted: March 31st 2011 00:12. Last modified: April 1st 2011 12:02

Cádiz's anarchist saint seems to have been misunderstood regarding either his age or his achievements.

Josep Huguet, José Millán Astray and the death of intelligence

Posted: September 5th 2010 13:02. Last modified: September 5th 2010 15:09

With a sublime little parody of romantic nationalism from Camilo José Cela, who has his own particular view of this bothersome culture vs civilisation thing.

Politics, the art of confusion

Posted: April 28th 2010 14:55. Last modified: April 29th 2010 18:33

A borrowed verdict on the current public utterances of Spanish officials, and a suggestion that the Catalan national question may be about to be resolved in the same way it was in 1918-23.

Referendums on independence are for pussies

Posted: September 8th 2009 12:40. Last modified: September 8th 2009 15:20

Serious separatists will drive on the left, in Vic, starting Sunday.

The new apaches

Posted: March 17th 2009 08:23.

"They will respect neither the putrefied corpses of high whores nor the imbecilic devotion of the wage earner to his master’s money."

Calling all Barcelona-based Ukrainian anarcho-communists

Posted: January 20th 2009 08:16. Last modified: April 21st 2009 13:01

Local "anarchists" showing Nestor Makhno, paysan d'Ukraine this Friday.


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