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Celtic fans vs Barça fans

Posted: November 9th 2012 12:35. Last modified: November 9th 2012 14:55

The musical, by Richard Strauss.

Ear, ear

Posted: August 15th 2011 11:00. Last modified: August 15th 2011 15:31

How to get drugs without a prescription on match days.

Tivoli, Rotherham

Posted: October 15th 2010 22:47. Last modified: October 15th 2010 22:50

Because of the fame of the gardens of the Villa d'Este [at Tivoli] (and of their namesake in Paris), the name has also been applied to other entities: ... A stand at the Millmoor stadium in Rotherham.

Zapatero to undertake pilgrimage to Our Lady of Jugglers?

Posted: August 5th 2010 11:07. Last modified: August 5th 2010 11:09

Only God can save him now.

Les pervertis de Santander

Posted: July 31st 2010 20:41. Last modified: July 31st 2010 20:44

Archaic French erotic pulp, plugging Cantabria's gaping literary hole?

Why Spain must win tonight

Posted: July 7th 2010 18:27. Last modified: July 7th 2010 19:30

The geopolitical consequences of a German victory don't bear thinking about.


Posted: April 22nd 2010 15:47.

Check out Liga Loca on silent minutes and Manuel Stimulo on how "a stupid communist French idea about promoting peace among nations through sports events in which their citizens would participate as amateur idiots [was transformed] into a powerhouse steamtrain of propaganda for competition, professionalism, the Triumph of the Will, battering the weak into submission, […]

The semantic divergence and convergence of “hooligan” and “Tory”

Posted: April 7th 2010 12:45. Last modified: April 8th 2010 10:02

How two bands of bloodthirsty Fenians turned into peaceable middle-aged Englishmen with no known political opinions who smile a lot, are fond of sport and their children, and would probably enjoy a drink with you

In praise of British arse

Posted: April 5th 2010 23:50. Last modified: April 7th 2010 08:02

How amiably drunken shagfests could resolve the burka problem in a manner acceptable to freedom-loving readers of this blog.

Otra Liga es posible

Posted: March 12th 2010 13:21. Last modified: March 12th 2010 13:28

An Iberian proposal would slash wage costs, free up time and talent for cashflow-friendly shagshow opportunities, and assimilate football to mainstream Peninsular cultural practice.

Male prostitute waiting for business in Park Güell

Posted: September 21st 2009 20:30.

It's all a question of taste and budget in Gaudy's famous Parky Gay, just up the road from the Sangria Familia.

Link sink for 28/05/2009

Posted: May 28th 2009 09:39. Last modified: May 28th 2009 09:44

Drinking, driving, cursing.

Congolese children singing the anthem of Athletic

Posted: May 13th 2009 21:30. Last modified: May 13th 2009 21:33

Some corner of a foreign football pitch that is for ever Bilbao, and I hope they got fed afterwards: The original strikes me as thoroughly Teutonic: Let's not kid ourselves any longer: everything interesting, from nachos to nationalism, was invented by the Germans. Fortunately they tend to be generous about using the proceeds to mitigate […]

Follow la quiniela live with PHP data import to Excel

Posted: March 26th 2009 09:21.

Here. Concept here.

Semen shortage on Montjuïc, Barcelona

Posted: March 21st 2009 08:44.

The cottaging zone is getting so popular they're having to pipe the stuff in.

Marathon day

Posted: March 2nd 2009 00:01. Last modified: March 2nd 2009 00:03

Three racing results just in.

Reus football supporters club exalts British fascism

Posted: January 1st 2009 17:14. Last modified: June 1st 2010 08:27

The logo of Front Reusenc is borrowed from the British neo-Nazi party, the National Front.

Obscure Spanish footie team told to get rid of Cross of St George on alternative kit

Posted: November 16th 2008 23:05.

Apparently it might incite violence. Particularly, one suspects, if the directors of the taxpayer-funded Permanent Seminar on International Migration and Foreigners ("an open space for Interculturality and Human Rights") in Aragon attend home matches of SD Huesca, whose major achievement to date was fifth place in the Second Division in the 1950-1 season. Via Miguel […]


Posted: July 4th 2008 21:54.

This seems a bit harsh on the Barça president but the comparison is a standard feature of any Spanish debate: People I know are voting for the motion of censure on Sunday to fack this one off rather than in the expectation that the next one will be less of a mafioso. Some of the […]

Spanish football celebrations on Barcelona Ramblas

Posted: June 30th 2008 11:34. Last modified: June 30th 2008 13:06

John Chappell must have stayed up in conservative, nationalist Gracia if he had a quiet night. We were with friends on Carretera de Sans, and I don't think I've ever seen as many Spanish flags. Delicious detail: two young ladies, their prodigious assets barely concealed, beating up a violent pimp-ish type and immediately seducing some […]


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