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Billionaire superyachts to save Barcelona’s traditional barrios!

Posted: April 22nd 2012 13:10. Last modified: April 22nd 2012 20:06

But the Guardian has got its knickers in a twist.

Canute, defeated by the waves, will nevertheless fix your plumbing

Posted: March 19th 2011 12:00. Last modified: March 19th 2011 12:04

New business card from Barcelona's best odd-job man.

Les pervertis de Santander

Posted: July 31st 2010 20:41. Last modified: July 31st 2010 20:44

Archaic French erotic pulp, plugging Cantabria's gaping literary hole?

Classifying mussels / muscles

Posted: May 31st 2010 21:01. Last modified: May 31st 2010 23:40

Barcelona trading practices, builder's crack-fish and the great Pacific birdshit war.

An early candidate for a Darwin Award

Posted: April 26th 2010 13:25. Last modified: April 29th 2010 18:36

David Bar-David, the lemming messiah.

Shipping news

Posted: February 20th 2010 00:30. Last modified: February 20th 2010 11:20

Public auctions of wrecks in Barcelona, Pontevedra and Algeciras, with thoughts on how to reduce blogging competition.

A West Cornish Barbary pirate and ghost-ship

Posted: December 9th 2009 14:00. Last modified: December 23rd 2009 01:17

"Discontented devil of a blackamoor, why canst thou not be satisfied to live here?" "Avast there; all our gold and diamonds can't procure us here the bright sunshine and joyous people, nor the rich fruits and wine, of my native clime."

Is the anglocabrón longing for sun, sangria and sex a new phenomenon?

Posted: October 2nd 2009 19:26. Last modified: October 6th 2009 08:23

Blasco Ibáñez says that actually we have always thought "at all hours of the Mediterranean rim."

Mosquitoes, alcohol and violence

Posted: August 13th 2009 14:14. Last modified: August 13th 2009 14:23

A Catalan children's song remembered by Francesc Candel; early rave culture on Central America's eastern seaboard.

“Palermo’s history is marked by the multitude of conquerors and subsequent cultures that settled there”

Posted: February 13th 2009 15:39.

Cruise companies don't appear to regard original copy as an important differentiating factor.

Revisionist history of 17th century Mediterranean trade

Posted: February 12th 2009 17:31. Last modified: February 12th 2009 17:33

Molly Greene describes the complex anarchy that existed between the collapse of the Mediterranean powers and the entry of northern fleets.

Four new underwater mounds off Tarragona

Posted: January 20th 2009 08:24.

Depending on how the bathymetric data is rendered. Over at Ogle Earth.

Jaws is not a feminist shero

Posted: January 9th 2009 16:16. Last modified: January 9th 2009 17:14

Lunch topics: Marianism and genital iconography, as in The Virgin Mary is a hairy vagina. Conclusion: this one smells of red herring--she actually belongs to the sun. The inability of "artists" to fit a proper fanny and a proper face into the same screen. The three best known forerunners of Bob Guccione-style gynaecology, Courbet's stilled […]

LIFE archive photos of Barcelona

Posted: November 18th 2008 20:35. Last modified: November 18th 2008 20:44

PATIO ANDALUZ, conde del asalto 120, PRESENTS SPANISH FOLKLORE if you want to see the come along BEAUTIFUL GIRL'S will sing an dance for you... slow prices. A human adboard, but no pictures of US sailors sloping off into alleys with Spanish prostitutes on the 6th Fleet's historic visit in 1952, although Bagdad was the […]

How singing can save your life

Posted: October 29th 2008 13:38. Last modified: October 29th 2008 10:59

César-Javier Palacios reports on the cyclist, shot dead by a hunter who mistook him for a boar. When in death's dark vale loud singing usually suffices to drive off hell's hunters. Hunters know this too. In his romance, Count Arnaldos, hungry hawk in hand, falls prey to a sailor (love, glory or death, true or […]

Spanish sovereign debt default

Posted: October 8th 2008 10:54. Last modified: October 8th 2008 13:23

It now seems that Iceland has defaulted, apparently believing Russia will be foolish enough to attempt to protect what's left of its cod against ETA trawlers from Bilbao. Spain is not going down that road, at least not yet, but one of the more-quoted papers on the subject (De Paoli, Hoggarth & Saporta, Cost of […]

Tuna trap fishing off Gibraltar in the early 20th century

Posted: September 10th 2008 20:21. Last modified: September 10th 2008 20:22

Some old photos over at the NOAA library, some new ones here. Not much of that any more. Farmed tuna doesn't sound particularly attractive. I suppose we could always keep one in the bath.

20 vital beach holiday photos

Posted: September 5th 2008 13:01.

A popular photography course, copied from a neighbourhood magazine produced by Alejandro Pérez, an enterprising Nou Barris estate agent, encountered on this walk: I imagine the Bayeux Tapestry was planned in similar fashion.

blimey es para que te suba el blood pressure

Posted: August 20th 2008 13:59. Last modified: August 20th 2008 12:04

Code-swapping, rather than Gibraltar-Andalusian. This week's instalment comments on the stateless national soap opera, maritime conflicts and confusions with Spain.

Boat trip to Spain getting cheaper for Senegalese

Posted: July 21st 2008 15:02.

"The price for getting to Spain on a canoe has gone down. It used to cost almost £1000, but in 2006 went down to £450. Now it is possible to buy a passage for £350. It must be the only thing in Senegal which has gone down in price. A loaf of bread has gone […]


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