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Did Carod really give a speech at New York University on inauguration day?

Posted: January 21st 2009 11:12. Last modified: January 23rd 2009 09:58

There are no reports in the English-language media, and NYU's agenda doesn't list the event.

Hostal receptionist photographs tourists instead of letting them in

Posted: January 21st 2009 10:23.

Chez Jaume Ferrete.

Four new underwater mounds off Tarragona

Posted: January 20th 2009 08:24.

Depending on how the bathymetric data is rendered. Over at Ogle Earth.

Photos of pet dogs trying to eat a live vulture

Posted: January 19th 2009 11:04.

I can't see the moral difference between this and when your cat brings in a vole, but someone is outraged.

“Peres, give back the novel prize”

Posted: January 17th 2009 10:45. Last modified: January 23rd 2009 10:03

More Spanish bilabial confusion.

Comparison of Spanish and English development law and practice

Posted: January 16th 2009 08:38. Last modified: January 16th 2009 08:57

Over at Charles Svoboda's blog for Abusos Urbanísticos No. Its anonymous British lawyer author concludes that The hope is that the authorities will use [the hiatus caused by the bust] to introduce laws and controls that will respect European norms including the rights to private property, the protection of the environment, public contracts, etc. and […]

How Andalusia is killing the goose that laid its golden eggs

Posted: January 12th 2009 15:00.

Check out this excellent piece by Lenox Napier on how discrimination against northern Europeans and smug institutional corruption will surely lead to a gloomy future for one of Western Europe's poorest regions.

Bus numbers in Barcelona atheist campaign evidence cabbalistic life-death struggle

Posted: January 12th 2009 12:36.

Artful Mr Kokon notes that the number of items in Goya's Black Paintings is the same as the number of one of the buses used in the campaign--14--, that the number of items in a series of morbid wood engravings by Hans Holbein the Younger is the same as the number of the other--41--, and […]

West African joke about white people in snowstorms

Posted: January 9th 2009 09:46. Last modified: January 9th 2009 10:09

The last time the issue came up, my dad rated Percy Shaw as one of the 20th century's most under-appreciated inventors, on the grounds that his cat's eye road studs have saved more lives on British roads than any other single measure. Ojos de gato or tachas reflectantes are not (widely) used on Spanish highways, […]

Spanish traditional theme park architecture

Posted: January 8th 2009 10:53. Last modified: January 8th 2009 11:16

More traditional building for Colin Davies: Real stone is expensive and makes it hard to plug holes and to plaster, so in Spain@Disney you stick (pre)machined chunks or carpet tile-type stuff onto the concrete prefab with glue. Chorus: Cladding imitates but also improves on reality.

The Times: no news in 2009

Posted: January 6th 2009 09:29.

So they've posted a report alleging Sir John Moore's defeat by the weather, 200 years ago. It's snowing a bit in Spain at the moment, but no signs of it turning into a repeat of 1829-30, when the Ebro froze, 1835-6, when eggs froze in their shells in Palencia, 1836-7, when it snowed on the […]

Reus football supporters club exalts British fascism

Posted: January 1st 2009 17:14. Last modified: June 1st 2010 08:27

The logo of Front Reusenc is borrowed from the British neo-Nazi party, the National Front.

Folengo’s Baldo

Posted: December 29th 2008 18:42. Last modified: April 15th 2009 14:03

Pleased to see that the marvellous Baldus--a vague subterranean source of inspiration for the world's wildest walking wisness--is getting a wider hairing. I've read chunks of the French translation and am looking forward to the English.

Spanish politician wants to ban lying

Posted: December 28th 2008 19:36. Last modified: January 8th 2009 11:17

This is deputy Rosa Díez of the newly formed party, Unión Progreso y Democracia. Today is of course the day we commemorate the Massacre of the Innocents, Spain's April Fool's Day: "Sin embargo de que todo esto es verdad, el aniversario de ese gran dia se celebra de una manera tan anómala, que á nosotros […]

Sales on Moix

Posted: December 17th 2008 10:12. Last modified: December 17th 2008 13:42

Carles Miró has conducted a lightning dawn raid on the correspondence between the publisher Joan Sales and his star author Mercè Rodoreda. Sales on Terenci Moix, a late 20th century chat show lit celeb: "Young Moix is a sadoleninist, one of those who consider that today simple homosexuality is nothing but a joke, that anything […]

Good bar in Puerto de Santa María

Posted: December 16th 2008 14:01.

Check out the excellent Justin's review over at Catavino, which I can second, having got moderately wasted there on a cycle trip. (I don't link much to Catavino because I have a basic distrust of wine reviews: if you liked it that much, how come you can remember anything about it?)

Bank of Spain introduces inflation-proof €500 banknotes

Posted: December 16th 2008 13:50. Last modified: December 16th 2008 13:52

As private banker to dozens of Andalusian officials I have been responsible for maintaining the padded mattress sector in work this year. Before the summer a client called to complain that inflation threatened to render worthless the not particularly hard-earned stash of 500s he maintains under one of my beds. But there is more woof […]

Mattress sales down

Posted: December 16th 2008 09:57.

Figures from the International Sleep Products Association show the economy is hitting the mattress industry pretty hard, so where are smart people keeping their money now that deaky little hiding place in the hedge is gone?

Barcelona council, digging residents into a hole

Posted: December 13th 2008 18:03. Last modified: December 13th 2008 18:05

Check out this piece by Nicholas Mead on the thorough screwing the impoverished Carmel district of Barcelona is receiving from the socialist council in alliance with developers. It's ironic that many of the same socialists jumped up and down with glee when local lad Juan Marsé won some writing prize or other. One can safely […]

Google Maps: quickest way to walk Barcelona-Cádiz is to swim

Posted: December 7th 2008 19:14. Last modified: December 7th 2008 19:44



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