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Blood and fire

Posted: November 6th 2004 23:24. Last modified: November 17th 2004 19:32

Translation of the farewell poem recovered from the murderer of Theo van Gogh.

Raven blast

Posted: October 24th 2004 02:08. Last modified: November 20th 2006 12:31

The raven didn't hear me coming, so it broke away from the cliff at the last moment, struggled to remain airborne, and then climbed with a clumsy whooshing of wings out of the shadows and above the ridge, where it found the thermal, flexed its wing-fingers, and hung motionless for an age, the sun glinting […]

Formal analysis

Posted: September 27th 2004 16:09.

Reading (and trying to sing) bits of Jack Kerouac's Mexico City Blues over lunch, I came across the following in the 118th chorus:

Don’t mess with Chinese girlie-men, and other Sumatran colonial tales

Posted: September 2nd 2004 01:50. Last modified: October 9th 2016 23:33

Here, from Emil Helfferich (1878-1974)'s Südostasiatische Geschichten (Jever/Oldenburg, 1966), is an account of what happened to another German-speaker who made light of girlie-men: He was German, early 30s, and came from a forest ranger's family in Hannover. If not poverty, then extreme thrift had probably stood at the cradle of him and his numerous siblings. […]

Sale el sol por la mañana

Posted: May 29th 2004 16:32. Last modified: April 2nd 2007 12:20

This morning in one of Barcelona's beach-side districts, Barceloneta, l'Agrupació Coral Humorística "El Rossinyol", founded 1925, was singing the following ditty, accompanied by a band that in Holland would be referred to as a boerenkapel: Sa-le_el sol por la ma-ña-na, por la ma-ña-na sa-le_el sol. Los bor-rachos por la tar-de, y por la no-che_el ros-sin-yol! […]

Der Volf

Posted: May 21st 2004 18:27.

Waszynski's extraordinary 1937 Dibuk still drifts into the occasional dream. Der Volf was written by another Polish Jewish artist, H Leivick at around the same time as the play on which Waszynski's film was based. Both introduce the supernatural in order to help us understand why it is wrong to do wrong, but where Der […]

Santa Maria de Siurana

Posted: May 12th 2004 22:59. Last modified: February 15th 2011 23:34

With that grace alate/
which thy stool embalms/Shelter neath thy cloak/our humble homes and farms.

Blair in Scotland

Posted: May 9th 2004 17:52.

John at Barcablog claims to have a cunning plan. I do not, but here is a punning clan:

Cricket, lovely cricket

Posted: May 2nd 2004 20:44. Last modified: July 13th 2005 12:35

No help for the beardless wonder in the search for Conan Doyle's Reminiscence of Cricket, but I did find two wonderful poems by South Asian schoolboys. Cricket Teams by Raza Shahban Ali of Fatimiyah Boys School, Karachi would have been an outstanding review of the world scene, had his laudatory couplet about England not been […]

Spring is here (again)

Posted: May 1st 2004 18:07.

I have been up the coast a couple of times this week (off again tomorrow) and I don't think I've ever seen as many spring flowers. Their profusion is partly a consequence of heavy rainfall, and partly of the fires last summer that burnt away heavy shrubbery and young pine woods, clearing the ground. However, […]

A passion called asparagus

Posted: April 12th 2004 12:19.

The kinky Murcian waiters clique is anxious to watch rude muscles bulge and divine blood flow in Mel's Pash and will not be making an appearance today, which means that we need not fear interruption as, for a change, we get random with some really boring stuff.


Posted: February 19th 2004 12:03.

This stuff should be subsidised, not banned, although I can't work out whether the machines used to produce it are translators or generators. Here's something I received this morning (URL omitted): Our soft pensil makes sound. Our noisy round eraser is thinking and our children beautiful spoon arrives. A golden glasses smells at the place […]

Kuffars gittin nekkid

Posted: February 13th 2004 10:58. Last modified: September 15th 2005 12:39

Re the Dirty Kuffar video: although the transliteration changes, radical Islam has been predicting imminent victory over us for quite a long time: And Halid returned to the west of Azahfi, and said to them: - Know that these kafres are disheartened. (Anonymous, Libro de las batallas (1600)) But we aren't, are we, because we […]

Bestiaries (iii) / stags (i)

Posted: January 29th 2004 09:00. Last modified: November 19th 2004 23:43

Like a tree quick, rooted in the wind...

Inquisition in Catalonia

Posted: January 22nd 2004 18:16. Last modified: October 12th 2007 20:54

It may seem childish, but it did please me to discover that Doris Moreno Martínez was supervised for her thesis on the Inquisition in C16th Catalunya by one Ricardo García Cárcel. Having survived his encarcelación in these parts, Abenatar Melo escaped to Amsterdam where he wrote a verse version (1626) of the Psalms of David, […]

Bestiaries (ii): Llull and Orwell

Posted: January 18th 2004 00:13. Last modified: March 22nd 2009 15:53

Through the serpent have come all evils in the world.

The power of love

Posted: September 28th 2003 00:19. Last modified: June 14th 2005 19:23

These two energetic logos are on one of my favourite day-off wanders: from the Plaça d'Espanya through the old backstreets of working class Sants up to Collblanc, then a slalom down through the drab poverty of l'Hospitalet, finishing up with wander down the ceramic-ridden old road back to the Plaça d'Espanya. The first logo adorns […]

Germanic monkey puzzles

Posted: August 13th 2003 19:30. Last modified: June 14th 2011 13:32

Some of the recent obituaries of super-poet Willem Wilmink (1936-2003) managed to avoid mentioning his writings in Twents, despite the fact that this part of his work - he also translated, wrote and rewrote extensively in Dutch - enjoyed a large following in Twente. Let's start by locating the two languages. Linguists classify Dutch and […]


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