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Spain, invisible; leaders, dumb

Posted: August 30th 2013 14:19. Last modified: August 30th 2013 16:32

Normal furrow resumed.

On the other hand…

Posted: May 3rd 2013 11:54. Last modified: May 3rd 2013 12:24

Why the mob may want to consider murder and mayhem. With apologies to the Archpriest of Hita.

One problem with escraches

Posted: April 16th 2013 15:27. Last modified: April 16th 2013 17:49

There's also this phenomenon called Iche.

More video

Posted: April 8th 2013 13:58. Last modified: April 8th 2013 13:59

The wig isn't mine (I need one like this), and neither is the firewood I am clutching, but I obviously do share most of the opinions expressed. I may get round to posting a rough translation of the Catalan.

Iberian debut of a classic paranoiac Dutch neither-nor motif?

Posted: March 5th 2013 13:02. Last modified: March 5th 2013 14:20

You do something bad, I'll do something ugly.

Homeless Chinese in Barcelona

Posted: January 24th 2013 12:13. Last modified: January 24th 2013 12:24

Plus, how to acquire a country house for next to nothing.

Granada, Andalusia:Santa Fe de la Vega::Granada, Catalonia:Santa Fe del Panadés

Posted: January 7th 2013 17:43. Last modified: April 12th 2013 15:49

But was the Andalusian Santa Fe a copy of the Catalan one, or did they really arise without reference to one another?


Posted: November 29th 2012 11:14. Last modified: November 29th 2012 11:20

Joan Ripollès Iranzo thinks Arturo (the "o" disappeared in public a decade ago) Mas may be on the way out, Elena Ribera isn't so sure. My favourite Reverend Bacon this time round was Oriol Junqueras, whose resemblance to a mad pig conceals the fact that he is a cunning one. I loved his recycling of […]

State of the nation: maths

Posted: November 23rd 2012 11:05.

Alice in Arithmetical Wonderland.

Barcelona riot suspects modeling for new inhouse police video game?

Posted: November 19th 2012 13:40. Last modified: November 19th 2012 13:59

Plus my memoir of the Great General Strike of November 14 2012.

New euro note watermark: Europa about to be knobbed by a (Spanish?) bull

Posted: November 13th 2012 12:06.

Very funny, but Spain doesn't need a rescue, honest.

Biggest casserole ever?

Posted: November 12th 2012 14:10. Last modified: November 12th 2012 14:11

A pot for a Spanish court dinner in 1657 is said to have contained "a three-year-old bullock, four rams, 100 pairs of pigeons, 100 of partridges, 100 of rabbits, 1,000 pig's feet and as many tongues​​, 200 chickens, 30 hams, 500 sausages, as well as another 100,000 trifles."

Fixing the rootless cosmopolitans

Posted: November 4th 2012 12:53. Last modified: November 4th 2012 13:10

Most of the people I know regard themselves as left-wing, so I've heard this form of apocalyptic xenophobia more from guys with curious haircuts than from guys who have dispensed with the razor guard altogether. Mein Kampf etc are familiar but I don't really know the "left" national-socialist equivalents. Here, however, is the Stalinist machine […]

“Chaste, pious, prudent”: to which British king does the poem below the break refer?

Posted: November 3rd 2012 00:19. Last modified: November 3rd 2012 11:36

Part of the series Crazy Shit AMA Recites.

Updated esteladas

Posted: September 10th 2012 13:37. Last modified: September 11th 2012 00:34

And a great train-wreck song.

Good Barcelona World rants

Posted: September 9th 2012 23:02. Last modified: September 9th 2012 23:05

Miquel at Tot Barcelona suspects this may just be another scheme to enrich the Catalan oligarchy at the cost of the rest, while Salvador Sostres wonders why, since profit trails here generally lead to fiscal paradises rather than reinvestment, the ruling class describe themselves as Catalan, rather than Swiss, patriots. Did Barcelona's tourist crime entrepreneurs […]

Kill a monkey, kill an Englishman

Posted: September 3rd 2012 11:12. Last modified: September 4th 2012 08:28

What's the difference? I don't know.

Did the Hapsburgs (or whoever) really force Jews to adopt absurd surnames in the late 18th century?

Posted: August 13th 2012 01:48. Last modified: August 13th 2012 11:03

Or is it a proto-Nazi myth?

15-M’s principal revolutionary goal revealed

Posted: August 4th 2012 22:55. Last modified: August 23rd 2012 18:00

Cinema for animals.

Spanish local politicians, actually quite reasonably priced?

Posted: July 21st 2012 15:54. Last modified: July 21st 2012 16:34

Potential earnings of Spanish mayors and executive councillors were the Dutch system to be adopted.


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