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¡Justo Bueno, pistolero de la FAI, está de vuelta!

Posted: July 10th 2013 14:37. Last modified: July 10th 2013 14:40

El asesino en serie, entre cuyas víctimas fueron tal vez los hermanos Badía, desapareció de la versión catalanista del Valle de los Caídos ("sacrificats per la llibertat de Catalunya") hace unos años, pero le han pegado de nuevo en su columna, al parecer con caca. Es fácil entrar en el sitio desde arriba, y me […]

Errar es umano

Posted: July 8th 2013 13:55. Last modified: July 8th 2013 14:02

Herrar es de Vulcano & colegas.

Boom and bust suicide myths

Posted: May 21st 2013 17:18. Last modified: May 21st 2013 17:24

The Spanish property crash and 1929. With an anecdote of a frustrated rural hanging.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s plagiarism of la Moreneta almost foretold

Posted: November 21st 2012 11:55. Last modified: November 21st 2012 12:13

Pío Baroja got pretty damn close to the Catalunacy of José Luis Espejo in La dama errante.

A bird in the hand

Posted: November 19th 2012 16:13. Last modified: November 20th 2012 12:38

Is the Nursing Madonna actually a dirty joke? Jesu, rex masturbatorum?

Fixing the rootless cosmopolitans

Posted: November 4th 2012 12:53. Last modified: November 4th 2012 13:10

Most of the people I know regard themselves as left-wing, so I've heard this form of apocalyptic xenophobia more from guys with curious haircuts than from guys who have dispensed with the razor guard altogether. Mein Kampf etc are familiar but I don't really know the "left" national-socialist equivalents. Here, however, is the Stalinist machine […]

Sylvia Townsend Warner, The scapegoat, and the Diodorus phallic thimble quatrain

Posted: November 1st 2012 19:14. Last modified: November 3rd 2012 00:37

AKA shit AMA says.

Young German killed in a Barcelona bullfight

Posted: August 25th 2012 10:08. Last modified: August 25th 2012 10:10

But what was Mr Wandersahen's real name?

Did the Hapsburgs (or whoever) really force Jews to adopt absurd surnames in the late 18th century?

Posted: August 13th 2012 01:48. Last modified: August 13th 2012 11:03

Or is it a proto-Nazi myth?

Unusual duelling weapons

Posted: July 18th 2012 12:59. Last modified: July 21st 2012 17:48

Of sausages, sugarcandy, daggers on helmets, sharp-bladed collars, pills, and billiard balls, with a note on zombie destruction.

Hammer horror!

Posted: July 13th 2012 13:42. Last modified: July 15th 2012 19:38

Why the guillotine should not be Spain's tumbril-filler in the coming revolution.

The invisible ethnicity of Inspector Richard Tanner of the Met

Posted: July 10th 2012 16:47. Last modified: November 5th 2013 13:09

The British-Jewish detective who hung the German murderer of a London banker. With photos of his tombstone in Winchester's West Hill cemetery.

Investment is a simple game

Posted: June 30th 2012 12:34. Last modified: July 10th 2012 11:54

Loads of loons chase a pot of gold for years, and at the end the banks win.

Whenever I see The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, I think of Alphonse Laurencic

Posted: June 22nd 2012 00:16.

And here. I would dearly love to find out more about Alphonse and his creations. Someone once showed me a magazine with a few relevant pictures, but I've forgotten who/what/where. All but the blind will have noticed my background tribute on this blog's front page to Robert Wiene. The OpenFlix/YouTube publishing of Dr Caligari is […]

Uncertainty, the one thing that is constant between us

Posted: June 14th 2012 23:54. Last modified: June 14th 2012 23:55

A splendid assault by Galdós on a hopelessly corrupted party system.

The 1903 Paris-Madrid race that got away

Posted: May 29th 2012 16:05. Last modified: May 29th 2012 16:13

A remarkable feat of memory from Arturo Barea's autobiography.

Segmentation of the bed-in-a-shed market

Posted: May 25th 2012 18:17. Last modified: May 25th 2012 18:29

Brand it "gypsy" and the desert is your oyster.

A curious Spanish, Trafalgar-era, overshot waterwheel

Posted: May 15th 2012 19:18. Last modified: May 24th 2012 14:15

Someone please explain to me how it works.

Best ever portrait of June Caprice?

Posted: May 14th 2012 16:25. Last modified: May 14th 2012 16:41

This original drawing with its delicious absinthe blue is by one Emili Vilà Gorgoll (Llagostera 1887-1967, who he?) & is up for auction at Balclis on Wednesday. Here's the competition. I go basically for the munchies and the odd curiosity. I sense an inverse relationship between price and personal preference - the expensive stuff seems […]

A brief history of zoological shame

Posted: May 7th 2012 19:07. Last modified: May 7th 2012 19:11

Featuring a Spanish view of the Saxons.


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