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Class justice

Posted: December 3rd 2016 10:47.

Upper-class judges in London safeguarding access to their new, cheap servant class and to their Tuscan holiday homes and in Madrid trying to frustrate publication of information about footballers' tax evasion: surely the new right and the old left can forget their differences on this one. Ahem.

Angelo Saxon

Posted: October 13th 2016 20:40. Last modified: January 29th 2018 09:51

Someone taking Pope Greg (non angli sed angeli) seriously? Nope, just the fashionable new spelling,

Why doesn’t Radio 4 have a Friday Worship slot for Muslims?

Posted: October 9th 2016 14:11. Last modified: October 9th 2016 14:15

Marvelling at the Norman apologist just after 18:00 on Sunday Worship, and wondering why we have no comparable access, with simultaneous translation, to for example the sermons of the imam of the Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria mosque in Walthamstow, whose adherents have been handing out booklets apparently endorsed by him calling for the murder of those, like […]

Why aren’t the Andalusians building the Middle East’s new walls?

Posted: October 7th 2016 20:12. Last modified: October 7th 2016 20:15

Scott has made a handy list of Trumpian walls being built across the still-smouldering Ottoman Empire, and a quick check reveals that none of them appear to be being built by Spanish contractors. Now, around Spain local governments are renovating, but more usually simply new-building medieval (Moorish) walls for the tourist trade (in monstrous contravention, […]

Simon Heffer on Richard Evans Pursuit of Power: oh dear

Posted: September 1st 2016 09:53.

Simon Heffer on Richard J. Evans, The Pursuit of Power: Europe, 1815-1914 (Penguin History of Europe), to paraphrase him, falls well below [the Speccie's] normal standards of copy-editing: And there are factual errors which in their range also help illustrate the scope of the book: there was no such person as Lord George Macartney; Gorz […]

Viktor Orbán 0, Shakespeare 1

Posted: July 17th 2016 22:55. Last modified: July 18th 2016 02:43

Mr Fido, who compensates for a distinct lack of charm with cunning a-plenty, has an important piece in the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Called "Are you against peace?", the customary response of Communist officialdom during the Soviet era and of EU officialdom now to awkward questions, he says that we should be worrying rather less about the […]

One more liberal cosmopolitan for Brexit

Posted: June 19th 2016 10:19. Last modified: June 19th 2016 10:38

I agree with Jeremy and TSE that the problem's not going to go away either way. But, apart from the anti-democratic nature of the project, I'm voting out because, while the EU has lowered costs and raised revenues for the Guardian-reading, property-owning classes (I'm particularly thinking of free movement of people in the form of […]

The curiousness of Colin

Posted: June 7th 2016 10:16.

I mean, why's he always walking back to a place NEAR where he lives? It's like being the serial seducer of someone you don't really fancy. He's right about the Dutch, though. Absolute barstards - just look how they kill pigeons: Duif vast met kop tussen brug en wegdek; duif is niet dood. […]

Saxon revolt?

Posted: May 1st 2016 22:38.

Many old-style hardware shops in London have a reputation for poor customer service (an example). I wonder if they have struggled because the DIY-ers had no idea what they were looking for, and because the Slav professionals who have replaced them since 2004 have no idea what it is called. But they are usually fine […]

Austrians apparently don’t do personal space either

Posted: May 1st 2016 21:59.

Here. Maybe there's a Habsburg link with the Spanish.


Posted: April 30th 2016 09:13. Last modified: April 30th 2016 09:23

Knightly tombs in churches with, resting at their feet, dogs that vary in aspect from lamb to lion: Briton Rivière shows the foreplay, but is the dog then bestonèd by sorrow (cf. the widowed Hindoo's fiery fate), or is it simply (or even lysergically) sacrificed?

My gods, my emperor, my town, my business

Posted: April 22nd 2016 10:39. Last modified: April 22nd 2016 10:42

Key historical dates from an early 19th century Austrian almanac.

Chairman Javi’s Catalan, not Galician

Posted: April 19th 2016 12:28.

Bleeding obvious innit.

Isidore etymologises beggars and prostitutes

Posted: April 5th 2016 08:39. Last modified: April 5th 2016 08:51

BL: "The Latin word for 'beggar' (mendicus) is now believed to derive from an earlier word meaning 'deformity' or 'lack'. Isidore, however, speculates a much more charming story, of a 'custom among the ancients' to 'close the hungry mouth and extend a hand, as if speaking with the hand' (manu dicere)." His etymologies for "the […]

Church of England converts sinner!

Posted: April 3rd 2016 22:22. Last modified: April 4th 2016 07:33

Huge empty East End church by a Wren assistant, burnt in 1850 but apparently un-Blitzed. Nice index from 19th century clock and other curiosities. Can't spell Betjeman. Sunday evening service: a short dozen adults & half a dozen bored infants seating under the crossing facing south (Mandela, the new Jesus Christ?) with rector & PA […]

Is Seumas Milne a Spanish secret agent?

Posted: March 24th 2016 18:23. Last modified: March 24th 2016 18:25

Bugger takes the wall.


Posted: March 24th 2016 09:16.

May resonate with residents of London, whose boom is transforming it into a macro-Brussels-style shithole - lots on top, lots down below, not much in between.

Jordi nails Caesar

Posted: March 18th 2016 15:59. Last modified: March 18th 2016 16:01

Glad someone understands the Cohens. Another gem.

Yet another advantage of Hackney life

Posted: March 16th 2016 20:57. Last modified: March 16th 2016 21:03

Children can observe that, unlike owner-following cartoon speed lines, blood lost by fleeing real-life stabbing victims forward-propagates: drops land and then spatter quite powerfully in the direction of travel. Hipsters can repeat the experiment with particularly viscous brews.

Se acabó el imperio

Posted: March 16th 2016 10:17.

Victor is making cucumber sandwiches, FFS.


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