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Fried pigeon egg for breakfast

Posted: April 9th 2013 15:17. Last modified: April 11th 2013 14:35

This is a rather convenient arrangement - I 'ate facking pigeons.

Homeless Chinese in Barcelona

Posted: January 24th 2013 12:13. Last modified: January 24th 2013 12:24

Plus, how to acquire a country house for next to nothing.

A bird in the hand

Posted: November 19th 2012 16:13. Last modified: November 20th 2012 12:38

Is the Nursing Madonna actually a dirty joke? Jesu, rex masturbatorum?

Young German killed in a Barcelona bullfight

Posted: August 25th 2012 10:08. Last modified: August 25th 2012 10:10

But what was Mr Wandersahen's real name?

A brief history of zoological shame

Posted: May 7th 2012 19:07. Last modified: May 7th 2012 19:11

Featuring a Spanish view of the Saxons.

Spain, zombie kingdom?

Posted: April 13th 2012 10:48. Last modified: April 13th 2012 10:52

Some terrible discoveries along the Llobregat.

Question about diachronicity, dreams and nationalist historians

Posted: March 1st 2012 13:11. Last modified: March 1st 2012 13:14

OK, in this dream I'm talking to a pigeon farmer about how folks are more prepared to condone pinioning some species than others, and then a flock starts smothering my face and I wake up with a bit of sheet over my head. So brain 1) meets object in the here-and-now, 2) makes false interpretation, […]

Revealed, the identity of the horny apparition in the story of St Benedict, the blackbird, and the nettles

Posted: January 9th 2012 00:16. Last modified: January 9th 2012 00:26

A 19th century Roman historian says she's from the Roman Merula (blackbird) clan.

La lengua secreta de los cazadores

Posted: December 21st 2011 22:14. Last modified: December 21st 2011 22:21

--¿Cómo se llama un cerdo silvestre que acaba de salir del bosque? --¡Jaballí! Not one of mine. If you prefer your animal tame and stuffed, Lenox has a bull's head for you. I almost acquired one from a bar that was closing down, but there were parasites crawling out of its orifices.

Is it the fault of the Greeks that the Germans are the way they supposedly are?

Posted: December 7th 2011 00:38. Last modified: December 7th 2011 17:00

I sense potential for reparations claims citing Aesop.

Separating egg yolks from whites

Posted: August 6th 2011 23:26. Last modified: August 7th 2011 09:55

Tülin Özen's shell technique in Semih KaplanoÄŸlu's Bal, comparison with the palm technique, brief speculation re historical usage of both, and a Moorish honey-cookie recipe.

Spain’s self-employed

Posted: June 22nd 2011 19:05. Last modified: June 22nd 2011 19:16

Destined to save the nation? More numerous than thought? Someone explain, please.

French and Russian cavalry rode backwards in retreat?!

Posted: April 24th 2011 13:45. Last modified: April 25th 2011 11:39

This claim helped defeat Valentine Shortis' insanity plea at his murder trial in 1895-6, but was it true?

Eye of the sabre-toothed tiger in Horta, Barcelona?!

Posted: March 11th 2011 21:50. Last modified: March 11th 2011 21:51

Could extravagant and shameless extrapolation of the last glacial period put the fear of the woolly mammoth into the council?

Assaulted by a pine processionary caterpillar!

Posted: February 5th 2011 23:12. Last modified: February 15th 2011 23:33

With chunks of Dioscorides and Andrés Laguna, including the wonderful story of what happened when an impotent bridegroom and a constipated friar involuntarily swapped medicines.

The Arabs say خروف, the Catalans say ovella, the Chinese say 羊, but the Spanish apparently say Ovis orientalis aries

Posted: October 22nd 2010 16:35. Last modified: October 22nd 2010 18:54

Can something be done about the nutters who use scientific rather than common names for Wikipedia articles, or is it time to call the whole thing off?

Spain and the correct relationship between man and dog

Posted: October 18th 2010 00:31. Last modified: October 18th 2010 09:15

Away with those canine metaphors! More Cela in translation!

Three Russian rooster animations

Posted: September 30th 2010 15:50. Last modified: October 31st 2010 21:35

"Big cock" and "The old man and the cock are versions of "Medio pollico" / "Demi-coq", and "Why the cock wears shorts" is something else.

What’s the best way to wash down raw rodent?

Posted: August 5th 2010 21:16. Last modified: August 5th 2010 21:21

Rat, squirrel or capybara, kittens have one favourite sauce.

¡Tú imitas tan bien a los animales! ¿No serás … aztor?

Posted: July 30th 2010 11:59. Last modified: July 30th 2010 12:03

A phonological curiosity from coastal Cantabria, with speculation as to the supernatural powers of María Teresa Fernández de la Vega.


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