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Someone taking Pope Greg (non angli sed angeli) seriously? Nope, just the fashionable new spelling,

Trebots @ Thursday October 13th 2016 20:40

Exhibit, from Visit Epping Forest@Waltham Abbey Tourist Information:

  • Kermit M. Henry, Diamond Heart: A Man for the People and the Universe (2009): The Angelo Saxon and latter the African man were of pure bred and had no trace of any mixture of races of the two. No African had mated with an Angelo Saxon at this point on the American shores. The only differences occurred afterwards.
  • Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo, The Genesis of the Bible (2012): The Transatlantic Afrikan Slave Trade was Caesar Negroes, Angelo Saxon Negroes, Buffoon Negroes, Uncle Tome Negroes, and Negroes Mary, calling upon the name of Jesus while they rape and sold innocent Black boys and girls.
  • Rev. JT Phillips, Beyond The Cosmos, The Science of Man Into the path of the Cosmoian (2013): The other side is the dark side of thecraft we stayawayfrom. If you area Angelo Saxon you arewelcome if youarea Druidyou are welcome, if youaCeltic you are welcome, if youareaPagan always welcome in this tradition, if you want to tryitor not.
  • James E. Alatis, ‎Ai-Hui Tan, Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics (2001): The majority of non-Angelo-Saxon colonies have been independent for some four decades. During this time the attitude toward English changed significantly. The sense that it was a colonial language has receded.

Epping Forest District Museum appear reticent about their having the Vita Haroldi on display.

I need to sort out this blog.

  1. looby
    October 14th 2016 10:10

    I like "'suitable for families'". Sounds as though it's being said with a bit of a knowing wink, and is actually really filthy.

  2. Trebots
    October 14th 2016 17:05

    Like GENOCIDE, and RAPE and MASSIVE THEFT OF LAND AND COWS is OK. I didn't realise that Harold was Harold II, and that there was a Harold (I) Harefoot, who was killed by elves, obviously.


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