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A little blackletter prob.

Trebots @ Tuesday August 4th 2015 10:13

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Click image & try to distinguish V from B. Source. More pics.

Well, not always. How could the little children who came in such numbers to Luther's Bible have put up with such a poorly designed script for so long? I had thought that Hitler was forced by the bureaucratic requirements of his territorial acquisitions to abandon spiderleg, but here is the great progressive in 1934:

Your supposedly Gothic internalisation ill suits the age of steel and iron, glass and concrete, of womanly beauty and manly strength, of the head raised high and defiant intent... In a hundred years our language will be the European language. The countries of the East, the North and the West [worrabout the South?] will learn our language in order to be able to communicate with us. The prerequisite: the place of the so-called Gothic script will be taken by the script we have until now called Latin.

Most thoughtful of him, and a decent British ambassador should surely have rushed to London and chained himself to the steps of the Foreign Office until his cries were heard.

  • Blackletter (2) Blackletter, also known as Gothic script, Gothic minuscule, or Textura, was a script used throughout Western Europe from approximately 1150 to well into the 17th century. It continued to be used for the German language until the 20th century.
  • German language (43) German (Deutsch [ˈdɔʏtʃ]) is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and (co-)official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), the German-speaking Community of Belgium, and Liechtenstein; it is also an official, but not majority language of Luxembourg.
  • Luther Bible (2) The Luther Bible is a German language Bible translation from Hebrew and ancient Greek by Martin Luther. The New Testament was first published in 1522 and the complete Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha, in 1534.
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