Trebots @ Tuesday July 14th 2015 09:31

Shanty near Plaza de las Glorias Catalanas, Barcelona More pics.

Captain Noodle, carpenter extraordinaire, writes from back home in Barcelona:

the other day i was sitting next to a fountain in montjuic and a very large young man climbed out and sat dripping next to me on the park bench. he explained that he was homeless and had been sleeping in the pond all day to escape the heat, with all his clothes and shoes on. so yes, it's officially hot in bcn.

  1. Tom
    July 14th 2015 14:01

    Real exam question: if every job created in Spain = 33% of a pre-crisis job, and every job created in the UK is a zero-hours contract, how many Greek banks need to collapse before the London property bubble bursts and everything goes tits up again?

  2. Tom
    July 14th 2015 14:21

    Gah, wrong post. You know what I meant. Jornada intensive melts my brain by about 2pm, too.

  3. Trebots
    July 14th 2015 16:50

    Just keep saying London property bubble bursts and all will be forgiven. Amazingly I still know people who think it's a good idea to buy property southern England.


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