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Springfield Park Image: Dudley Miles. More pics.

Of all the couples around me, Homer and Marge seemed the safest bet, but ratings have encouraged talk. And now as I trudge the streets I am tortured by references to happier days:

Any more? Remember, hipsters aren't krusties.

  • Homerton (1) Homerton (/ˈhɒmərtən/ HOM-ər-tən) is a district in East London, England, in the London Borough of Hackney. It is bordered to the west by Hackney Central, to the north by Lower Clapton, in the east by Hackney Wick, Leyton and by South Hackney to the south.
  • Jack Cohen (businessman) (2) Sir John Edward Cohen (6 October 1898 – 24 March 1979), born Jacob Edward Kohen and commonly known as Jack Cohen, was an English grocer who founded the Tesco supermarket chain.
  • List of The Simpsons characters (1)
  • Society of Saint Margaret (1) The Society of Saint Margaret (SSM) is an order of women in the Anglican Church. The Order is currently withdrawing from Scotland, but remains active in England, Haiti, Sri Lanka, and the United States.
  • Springfield Park (London) (1) Springfield Park is a park in Upper Clapton in the London Borough of Hackney. Spring Hill Recreation Ground, immediately to the north of the park, is an additional amenity.
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