Trebots @ Saturday October 23rd 2010 16:54

I bought myself my wodge of Catalan bonds, which as Barcepundit comments is a pyramid scheme sending good money in pursuit of bad, with the difference that the tab for my gains will ultimately be financed by those without the means to participate. Thanks, poor people, for helping me out this autumn.

  1. Candide
    November 6th 2010 18:44

    Fuck! That would be me financing your lavish lifestyle.

    I bet you never thought it could get that personal.

  2. Trebots
    November 11th 2010 11:47

    Who, apart from a pauper, would buy debt from crooks?

  3. Candide
    November 11th 2010 20:43

    Hm. If you look at it from this angle...



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